Friday, November 1, 2013

Marriage: Month One

it has already been one month folks! 
we have loved every single moment of it 

I think our favorite thing is saying "husband" and "wife" 
its just so much fun! 

the question we get asked most is
"does it feel any different being married now?"

usually we say no since 
we were together for over 5 years  
we lived together for nearly 2 years before we were married 
and we always knew we were going to end up husband and wife :) 

so though it doesn't feel like much has changed.... 
actually a lot has changed since the wedding 

mainly, MY NAME! 
yep, I am officially Mrs. Lauren Elizabeth Rice!!!

in addition to that over the past month of marriage we: 

went to our first married NC State game
with another newlywed couple, The Millers! 

celebrated a couple friends' engagement at their first engagement/wedding induced party
they're getting hitched in May 2014, Jared and I are both in the wedding!

went on our first "vacation" as a married couple
to Boone, NC for a lovely weekend with 3 other lovely couples 
had so much fun eating oysters, drinking wine, and laughing until our sides hurt 
love these people 

celebrated our first married holiday 
much more fun when you're married! 

and finally...
we moved! 
into a bigger, nicer, and closer to work house 
we love it so much even though we are still just renting
there is a lot of unpacking left to do 
but our goal is to be all moved in a ready to host Thanksgiving dinner at our new home! 

over the next few weeks I am looking forward to 
sifting through the wedding photos and sharing more moments from our favorite day
unpacking and decorating our new home 
continuing celebrating being married 
preparing for the holidays 
oh yeah, and working! 

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