Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Work Flow

four on, one off, three on
I will never over schedule myself again
I remember complaining once about being bored on my days off...
yeah, missing those days now 
this paycheck better be worth all this over time haha

I had one day off, a gorgeous Monday of course, and this is how I spent it
came home to this after work. heart melted.
[Maverick is really not that dirty...blame the low light trying not to wake Jared]
then the beautiful sunny day was wasted on errands
but some were fun ones to do
went to the final fitting for the bridesmaids dress for Gwyn's wedding in May
thank goodness for iced coffee splurges to pull me through the day
is there a better dinner to be had? 
beers, chips & salsa and ridiculously big jalapeƱo cheese burgers
I love all this outdoor cooking/eating weather
my favorite

now back to work
my work wife brought me some homemade Indian food
yes is was amazing and so is she

yesterday may have been one of my favorite days at work in a long time
no nothing crazy or ridiculously gross happened
I got to give the best and most unexpected news to a patient
sometimes you need little reminders of why you love your job so much

happy Wednesday! 
looking forward to a whole weekend off 

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