Monday, June 16, 2014


it has been one week since our return from paradise
I am still day dreaming of room service breakfast, endless mojitos, and clear water beaches
but sadly, we are back to reality and somewhat back in the swing of things
like having to cook our own food and do dishes. yuck. 

to say our vacation was fabulous is an understatement

we stayed at The Excellence in Playa Mujeres, Mexico
and we could not of made a better choice 
the service at this resort was above and beyond wonderful
from the time we arrived we were treated like we were VIP guests
which I guess is what we paid for

when first booking Jared really wanted to upgrade our room to the "Excellence Club Package"
which basically meant, a nicer room with upgraded liquor choices 
and oh yeah...a private pool, beach, concierge service and access to the club's exclusive bar 
it was definitely the best choice
plus, the kid has never been to an all-inclusive resort so I let him go a little crazy 

right out of the gate we were whisked away to paradise and we took full advantage of our all-inclusive package

our days looked a lot like this:
breakfast from room service in bed and/or on the deck
rum before 9am 
having our lounge chairs/beach beds made for us by our sweet concierge service 
bottomless mimosa's, mojitos, and dirty monkeys
lunches full of shrimp tacos and fried calamari 
dips in clear water
floating in the pool 
occasional trips to the swim up bar 
room service snacks before dinner 
before dinner drinks 
dinner at one of the five star restaurants on site
more drinks 
nightly entertainment in the theater
more drinks
back to our room for lounging on the bed upstairs outside 
then bed
and repeat

I won't bore everyone with the mass amount of all the selfies we took
because that's a lot of what goes on during the honeymoon time ;) 
but here are a few
we were actually ready for dinner before sun down
early morning panoramas of the beautiful view from our beach bed 
the private beach I was bragging about... 
our own private pool on the rooftop of our room!
yes, it was baller.
view from our room
our package included a day at the spa
which was filled with hydro-therapy. so fun.
Jared did his own massage then next day...such a diva
true story: Jared bribed a bartender to get me this drink. winner.
just a few of my favorite things 
before our last meal
the time we had the room service guy take a picture of us on our deck...
ahh we miss you
not kidding you, this trip was amazing 
half way in to day one we were already talking about returning
after spending 5 days at the resort and having the best service ever we are determined to go back 
we are thinking of going for our two year anniversary next September! 
which is much too far away, but something to look forward to

in other news, 
I start my 7a-7p full time shift tomorrow! 
which means Jared and I will get to eat dinner together every night that he doesn't have class
and he will (hopefully) be awake when I get home from work now
yay :) 

this weekend brings another weekend away in Wilmington
we are due for more beach and quality family time

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