Tuesday, December 1, 2015

21..22..23 weeks..oh my!

It has been pretty busy since we got back from Arizona and we have been playing catch up.

21 Weeks 
Unfortunately, we have been so busy since getting back from Arizona that we kept foretting to get the picture outside before the sun went down. Thus, we must settle for an indoor shot for the 21 week belly picture.

Baby Size: pomegranate or 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces

Week Recap: nothing interesting happened this week. It was a lot of catching up at work and getting back in the swing of a routine. Baby boy is still moving a lot. Mama is still loving her sweets and will soon be regretting that at the doctor's appointment next week. A mix of maternity and pre-pregnancy clothes are making up my wardrobe.

22 Weeks
Baby Size: Papaya! Honestly, couldn't tell you what in the world a papaya tastes like, but baby boy is 10.5-11.8 inches and 12.7-20.8 ounces.

Total Weight Gain: brace yourself...16 pounds. Yes, SIXTEEN pounds. I gained 10 in just 4 weeks (insert shocked-face-emjoi here). For me, a person who has struggled with weight and body issues her entire life, this was a hard pill to swallow. I was quickly reassured by my husband and doctor that this is totally normal. Still it was difficuly for me to grasp especially since my plan was to only gain 25 total. I don't feel like I look 16 pounds heavier. Most of my gain has been belly and obviously my chest. I understand you gain weight with pregnancy however, this was a scale shock for me. I feel amazing and I am grateful that I get to experience such a beautiful thing. Quickly learning to love the weight while decreasing my ice cream intake and increasing pilates...

Maternity clothes: duh.

Best Moment This Week: of course nothing beats hearing our sweet baby's heart beat at our check up, but we also got to spend a weekend in Topsail Island with some of our best friends! 

We celebrated this guys 30th birthday! Hillman and I have been friends since high school and over 10 years. Well, now we are both married, one is 30 and one is pregnant. Oh life, you move so fast. 
Spent the weekend with these lovely folks eating oysters, enjoying Friendsgiving, and celebrating the birthday boy! 
The views from the house were unreal. I'm talking 360 degree water views. Hello dream vacation home. But let's be real, the picture is mainly to show off my cute husband and sweet Lillie bug.


Jared and I hosted at our home again this year for the third time. It was very low key and perfect for us. Very thankful for all the people above and the little turkey in my belly that will be joining us next year!
Sweet hubs with his turkey day set up outside
23 Weeks
Baby Size: Grapefruit! About 10.5-11.8 inches and 12.7-20.8 ounces

Sleep: still great! Having some crazy vivid dreams still.

Symptoms: I don't know if this is really a symptom or if I should attribute it to my increase in hormones. Well, I think I love my husband more everyday since I have been pregnant. I am literally bursting with love for him. I know it sounds weird (and cheesy) but knowing he helped/played a major role in giving me the greatest gift ever makes me just melt. I can't imagine what kind of puddle of love I will be be once I see my boys together.

Movement: all the time! I LOVE it! I think it is one of my favorite things about being pregnant. Plus I am way less anxious because his movement reassures me everything is ok.

Best Moment This Week: got my very first funny pregnancy comment from one of my patients. She said, "girl, did you swallow a watermelon?" Haha.

I survived being pregnant for an entire football season! Woohoo! We capped off tailgating/football season this weekend. Unfortunately, we had a sorry loss against the Tarholes but still had fun at the final tailgate of the year!

Now, on to basketball season...

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