Tuesday, January 19, 2016

30 weeks and pregnancy thoughts

30 Weeks
30 weeks and 4 days.
It was far too cold to take the belly picture outside this week. Thus, we are moving them indoors to the nursery. What happened to our 60 degree winter days? Thankful for my extra layers this winter, but still dreading the ice and snow they are calling for this week. 

Baby Size: cucumber or butternut squash. Roughly 17 inches and 3.1lbs. We go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully will get a better idea of how big he actually is. 

Movement: all the time! I am sure I have mentioned this before but this is hands down my favorite part of being pregnant. I absolutely love feeling him move inside of me. It is something that can't be explained until you experience it. I also love that this little daddy's boy responds with lots of kicks and jabs to Jared playing the guitar and rapping his favorite Notorious rhymes.  These boys are going to have so much fun together. 
Cravings: still loving my sweets! I swear I could eat just dessert and be one happy mama. However, our birth class instructor scared me to death and said we are in the most important stage of development, the brain. So it is even more important to eat healthy, nutrient-rich and brain building foods (aka everything baby and I don't like). I balance my broccoli with cookies. It is a win-win. 

Symptoms: starting to get lower back pain frequently but changing positions usually helps with that. The newest and possibly the most uncomfortable symptom yet is this pelvic pain. I feel like I took a 4 hour spin class. Other than that I continue to feel great and sleep soundly.  

Thoughts/Feelings: I love being pregnant! Honestly, I do. It is seriously amazing! I know that I have been really fortunate to have an "easy" pregnancy [I don't like saying this because every woman and mother are different and will have different experiences]. I remember telling someone around 18 weeks how great I was feeling. They scoffed and said, "wait, until 30 plus weeks honey, you won't be singing the same tune." I beg to differ. 

Pregnancy is the coolest and most wonderful thing I have ever done. I would take the back acne, hourly bathroom trips, swollen ankles, heavy breathing/snoring, waddling in place of walking, forgetting I can only bend down so far, not ever seeing my toes, congestion, rolly-polly maneuver to get out bed and off the couch, pregnancy brain, dessert cravings, weight gain, anxiety, crying for no apparent reason, bottomless pit of a stomach, and the ever so lovely gas, a thousand times over. Because the feelings I have had throughout this outweigh all the negative/not so attractive things about being pregnant. 

I have loved watching my stomach grow, seeing my body change to accomodate this new life inside of me, feeling our baby boy move and wiggle, falling more in love with my husband as he falls more in love with our unborn child, feeling and hearing his giddiness everytime he feels the baby move, prepping for birth of our son with Jared, daydreaming about what he will look like, hearing that precious heartbeat at every doctor visit, knowing that our lives will never be the same again, and so much more to love about this season of life.

It makes me sad that I only have a short time left in my first pregnancy. I will never get to experience these "firsts" again. But I am so excited for what is to come, the challenges, victoires, and changes that will rock our world. I would do this all over in a heartbeat.  

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