Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day

Unlike most of the North Carolina residents and Wilmington natives, I strongly dislike snow. People freak out about it and I just don't see the point. Maybe if I liked the mountains more I would like snow more. But, my favorite place is the beach with warmth, not cold and ice. Ok, I am done being a pessimist (as my mother called me last night)...

There is one person in our little family that was happy about the snow. Our child dog, Beauregard, just loves it! I have to admit I really do enjoy taking pictures of him and watching him play in it. As of this most recent snow fall Beau has officially seen snow four different times in his life. That is pretty spectacular for a dog who lives in North Carolina. 

Here are some of my favorite snow shots of our gorgeous pooch
Beau's first snow in Raleigh, NC 2010
Second in Wilmington, NC Christmas 2010
Third in Winston-Salem, NC 2012
Most recent in Winston-Salem, NC 2013

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