Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend Visitors and Nightshift

This weekend was a doozie to say the least...mainly because it was my first weekend of working back-to-back nightshifts on the Cardiac ICU.

First and foremost..

GO PACK!!!! 

Yes, we beat DUKE this weekend! Sadly, I wasn't able to watch because I was sleeping, in preparation for my nightshift that night...I couldn't be more proud to be part of the Wolfpack and an NC State alumnae (yes, thats right according to my research)!  

Yup, we are huge fans of our alma mater (hence the blog title)
And as if people need another reason to be a proud Wolfpack fan, CJ Leslie is a doll! If you haven't read about this or seen the interview on the Today Show: 1. you are living under a rock and 2. watch it now!

Weekend Visitors

Jared and I had two guests come stay with us this weekend and it was wonderful and messy

Hawkins came to visit Jared to have a "Bro-Weekend" or "Bro-Fest" (and yes, I hope that I am thoroughly embarrassing them right now). I am still unsure about what was suppose to happen during this time, but it entailed lots of time on the couch and I guess doing "bro-like things."

 For those of you that don't know Hawkins I have posted a picture below: 1. it is my favorite picture of him and 2. I think it pretty much sums up his personality. 

The best part about Hawkins being there (in my opinion, other than his presence alone...) was him calling our other visitor by her name, "Olive." Which made me laugh almost every time he said it! 

This leads me to our second visitor. Olive Ray :) 

She is my friend, Melanie Ray's sweet little pup. She is so well behaved and her and Beau got along famously. I think their favorite part about this weekend was playing in the mud in our backyard (which is now all over the kitchen and living room). 

A fun fact about Olive: she can do really neat tricks! My favorite: you can ask her to bring you a blanket and she will! Nifty little pup to have around! Here are some shots of them together... 

A little rough housing
Beau doesn't understand the concept of dog bed
You mean, those aren't one of my mom's decorations for the bedroom?"
Beau was pooped after our guests left 


For those that don't know I am in my LAST class of my nursing school career (YAY)!! And as of today I only have 30 days left!!!!! And side note...the class coming after us started today and even though I wouldn't change this experience (well minus the insane disorganization) I would NEVER want to go back to starting this whirl-wind of a program again...sorry suckers ;) 

So in this last class of nursing school we have this thing called "preceptorship." Which is similar to an internship in college. It is the time when we are solo with one other nurse and we start to take care of our own patients! This is a very exciting time for a nurse-to-be because this is when we can see how much we have actually learned so far. 

I found out that my preceptorship was going to be on Cardiac ICU (yay) but on weekend nights (boo). Well, those were my first thoughts at least. Turns out, I LOVE nightshift (and weekends, I guess). At night things are much more relaxed and people aren't running around like chickens with their heads cut off (and yes, it does get like that on some Med-Surg floors during the day). I finding it easier to stay awake than I thought and my love of coffee (and Diet Coke) help a lot! I stay up late Friday night, sleep all day Saturday, work 1900-0700, sleep Sunday, then work 1900-0700, and sleep 4.5 hours Monday morning, wake up and study. It is a busy four days...

What makes this whole thing even better, and totally worth it, is that I was placed on a critical care floor  which is exactly where I see myself once I am a "real nurse." It is wonderful, the people who work there are so amazing, I actually get to know my patients...I could go on and on! I have only had 3 shifts, but have learned so much already and can't wait for more this weekend! 

Nothing really crazy or cool (besides someone almost dying the other night) has happened yet, but I promise to pass on all the awesome stories (even the gross ones because I am sure there are some people that would appreciate them).

Sorry this wasn't more entertaining...I will find better things to post about. Trying to meet my goal of at least one post a week...

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