Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just hit me

we have been planning this wedding on and off for the past 9-ish months now 
however, less than 4 months away and it is now hitting me 
were getting married in 114 days 
thank you for the daily reminder of how close we are 

it has always been real 
I have known this whole time were getting married 
but now I really know because...

we freak when we find steal-worthy prices on decorations 
we picked out our wedding bands 
we reserved the beach house for us and the wedding party the week before the wedding 
our wedding is the next one we will be attending 
we designed our wedding favors (and they are awesome) 
we I am going gah-gah over bridesmaids & groomsmen gifts
we designed the invitations and are getting ready to print and send them 
we are basically consumed with the wedding related topics
we met with our new caterer and created the most unique menu 

lots more to do 

as much as I want to be married now 
I don't want to wish this time away 
it goes fast and I want to soak it all in 
this only happens once after all 
us at Dockside in Wilmington after a day full of planning
drinks were much needed 

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