Sunday, June 30, 2013

Refusing the Cookie Cutter

we are 90 days away from our wedding day 

mom and I just made a 7 page to-do list 
(handwritten and front page only--don't freak Jared) 
lots and lots of little tiny details left

this brings me to the post topic...

I am super duper anti-cookie-cutter-wedding
meaning a one-stop wedding venue
where they do essentially everything for you 
and every other wedding that is held there looks the same  
is just not for us 

yes, it would make this planning process a whole crap ton easier 
but where is the fun in that? 

I pride myself on being different and having a lot of my own ideas 
of course I will admit that a few have been taken from Pinterest 
but I have continuously added "our spin" on things 

honestly, I think the only thing were not making or personally designing ourselves 
is the food and party rentals 
even those have a dash of us in them 

when we first discussed theme we wanted to have 
"a southern garden party with a backyard on the water feel"
(seeing it in writing, it sounds a little ridiculous) 
but it made sense at the time and we had a stern vision in mind 

the more we looked and planned however, our ideas changed and molded into something different 

now when people ask theme or colors
(originally coral and navy--now a very neutral base palette using flowers to add color)
we say our wedding is going to be us, just dressed up

here are a few of the things I have been doing since at home Wilmington for two weeks... 

 distressed metal buckets 
use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and steel wool 
coat and scrub metal 
leave in sun for few hours 
and voilà

handmade one of our favors 
not pictured because it is a surprise 

mom dedicated a room in her house to wedding only supplies 
this will be quickly consumed 

designed our wedding suite and wine labels 
not pictured again because it is a surprise 

I have a week left in Wilmington
a week to plan, plan, plan 
a week to prepare for my first big girl nurse job 
a week to relax and enjoy the sun 

only 3 more days until Jared and I are reunited after a week and a half a part 

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  1. LOVE your new description of your wedding concept! I definitely believe that the more "you" your wedding is, the more meaningful and timeless it will be. We're all thinking of you as your big day gets closer! :)