Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beach to Snow.

typical North Carolina, on the beach one day and two days later there is snow everywhere...

this past weekend we traveled to Wilmington with the pups in tow for my mom's birthday weekend! 
the weather was just what we needed before all this snow hit us 
this is my favorite picture of my mom and I from the wedding
friday we went to the little dipper in downtown Wilmington for my mom's birthday dinner 
this is her all time favorite place to eat and has been a tradition for the past years 
it's a fondue spot that is delicious! 
but the meal lasts roughly 3-4 hours, so make sure you plan for that 

saturday I got to spend the whole day with my momma 
my absolute favorite thing to do
saturday night my mom and her boyfriend man-friend, Mark, attended the New Hanover Regional Medical Centers Founder's Gala
I helped her get ready for the event and she looked so pretty, I almost cried. 
[just like our wedding day, I couldn't be in the same room as my mom after she got her hair and makeup done because I kept crying at how beautiful she looked]
messy, twisty, bun up-do thing--thanks youtube and pinterest...
I mean, hello, she looked gorgeous! 

saturday night Jared and I went to dinner and drinks with friends at a local spot, Sweet and Savory
so good. 
got to catch up with good friends and heard all about the wedding plans for their wedding in May! 

finally, Sunday it was time to hit the beach! 
the weather channel said 50, but it felt so much warmer 
it was Maverick's first trip to the beach
he was super skeptical and literally ran from the waves 
he didn't get the "water bug" like his brother
he loved chasing the birds though... 
my three favorite guys in my favorite place. obsessed.
home sweet home 
three years ago was Beau's first trip to the beach. took the same picture for Maverick's first trip. 
sadly we are back home and there is snow everywhere. 
I really don't like snow
the pups are just adorable in it

but it makes like so difficult and by tomorrow it will be ugly. 
I know, I sound like such a sour puss. 
I don't care, I want beach weather. 
Thank you. 

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