Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hair Did

today I had a meeting with a new hairstylist
holy anxiety attack. 
I think I hate getting my haircut more than I hate trying on bathing suits 
which is why it has been over year and a half since a new hair cut and at least 2 years since a new suit 
yes, it is that bad. 

however, I think I have found a hairstylist match 
this girl finally listened to me 
and didn't cost an arm and a leg like the lady I saw to have my hair highlighted just before the wedding
which I absolutely loved but I could of bought 4 new bathing suits for what I spent on that dye job. 

I have had my hair professionally colored exactly three times in my entire life 
it scares the shit out of me every time
I mean, what if you hair comes out looking awful and you have to pay for it?! 
hello nightmare.

anyways, prepare yourself for an onslaught of selfies I took today 
before and afters of course 

looking like a rat ran all up in my hair 
so gross. 

necessary takes while channeling cable tv through my hair 

and after...
healthy, shiny, lighter color and clean :) 
it turned out a little more red than I would of liked 
but I have good faith it will lighten up even more
I love it so much and it feels so much better 
 just in time for a weekend with my favorite girlfriends in Raleigh! 

I saw Anna at Instinct Salon in Downtown Greensboro 
I love love love her and the salon was so adorable 
will be returning in 6-8weeks for a touch-up 
(that will be a first)

also, this just in 
dreams made. 
I will take a night out on the town with Queen B any day 


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see you this weekend...can you invite Queen B?