Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy 25th Birthday Caitlin!!!

happiest of birthdays
my wonderful, amazing, beautiful best friend, Caitlin Marie! 

[25?!? man we are getting old..can we go back to 15?]

these past 11 years of friendship have of course had their ups and downs 
but for the most part they have been pretty freaking fabulous 

I feel lucky to have a friend like Caitlin for so long 
she is more like a sister than anything 
I read this article the other day and it could not be more true about Caitlin and I
I know you hate this picture but I love it!
thank you for being supportive
thank you for laughing at me and calling me out on my shit 
thank you for hosting party after party for the wedding 
thank you for understanding me and my craziness 
thank you for standing next to me on our wedding day and being the best maid of honor ever
thank you for being my best friend
thank you for being you
I hope you have the best day ever 
I can't wait to celebrate with you all weekend
I love you! 

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