Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saying Goodbye to 24

today is my last day being a 24 year old
and this is how we I feel...
probably being a little dramatic about turning 25 
it is not the getting "older" part because I really am excited about what the future holds 
but last year was so amazing for me it scares me that I will keep trying to top it or keep trying to hold on to that feeling and miss what is happening in the moment
I want to embrace and remember every minute I have now with my husband, family, and friends is how I have spent my last week in my early 20's 

this past weekend Jared went on a bachelor party weekend getaway 
so it was me and the dogs alone all weekend 
thank goodness I worked all weekend so I didn't go stir crazy in the house

the weather this week so far has been gorgeous 
we have been grilling out and starting to crack open our favorite spring/summer cocktail
which is basically anything with gin 
and attempting to make salsa at home...
it was a semi-fail..will never be K38
we got this adorable glasses from Alyson as a wedding shower gift
perfect for our favorite drinks!
we are all ready for Saint Patrick's day with this festive chalkboard quote 
I stole from my favorite blogger Little Baby Garvin 
I have always loved my birthday being right before Saint Patrick's Day 
any excuse to day drink and eat fun food! 
and it made for lots of fun birthday celebrations in college
oh the days...

well I will be spending my last day as 24 working in the ED.
here is to a great shift today! 
[and not too many crazies...]

can't wait for birthday celebrations tomorrow!!! 
[and all weekend]

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