Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Twenty Five!

I had the best birthday ever! 
and I have the best husband, family and friends a girl could as for :) 

warning: this is an extremely long-winded-wordy-mushy-gushy post

last thursday was my actual birthday
first Elizabeth took me to lunch at the Pegg House Tea Room
it is this darling victorian style house transformed into a restaurant in downtown Kernersville
after lunch she took me for a wine tasting and cupcakes 
my idea of a perfect way to spend a day

yes, Jared got me a giant jar of olives as a gift
after my day with Elizabeth it was time for an evening with the husband 
I have had a birthday tradition of eating at Japanese steakhouses for as long as I can remember
this year was no exception
 after dinner we ate ice cream in bed and watched a movie 
the day was just my style and I loved every minute of it 

little did I know the birthday celebrations were far from over... 

I thought the plan was to have my mom come up for the day on Saturday to spend the day together
earlier in the week everyone I had talked to about coming to visit had a reason not to come up for the weekend
I was a little bummed but was excited to spend some time with my mom

however, Jared had concocted the best surprise ever for me
he tricked me into thinking he had to go into work for a little while on Saturday morning 
so he was gone all morning
my mom called me on her way and said "Lauren, please don't wear leggings, I know it is Saturday, but will you please put on real clothes in case we go somewhere nice for lunch." 
I got ready 
[begrudgingly, because I was fighting a cold] 
shortly after my mom showed up, my brother and Matthew surprised me and said they were there to take me to a late birthday lunch
[confused but still excited]
my mom kept saying, "lets just wait for Jared and see if he wants to go to lunch too"
so we waited...
after Jared pulled in the drive way I saw this limo drive by the house
I said "umm, what is that?!?" 
Jared just grabbed my hand and said, "come on" 
as we walked down the driveway 
[hands shaking the whole time] 
I kept asking "who is in there?" "is it empty?" "is that what were taking to lunch and to get our nails done?"
Jared said "ugh, you will see!" 
he opened the door and to my surprise all my best girlfriends were packed inside!! 
[they came from all over: Charlotte, Raleigh and...Kernersville]
I was so shocked I started to cry
Jared said "get in, this is how you are spending your day!" 
my response, "but, I am not dressed in my limo clothes!"
after many hugs we got settled in the limo and started popping champagne
the sweet little mimosa bar the girls set up!
I found out Jared had planned out the whole day for us to be taken to local wineries 
he even mapped it all out based on which ones were top rated in the area
[he is just so darling, I can't stand it!]
then I realized this was the first time my mom had ever ridden in a limo!! 
which made the day even that much more special that I got to share it with her!
Jared didn't want to go to on the tours because he said wanted me to have the time with my friends and family
[but, really NC State was playing Duke and he's more of a Prosecco man ;)]

here are all the group shots at the different wineries we visited
Elkin Creek Vineyard

Grassy Creek Vineyard
Jones vonDrehle Vineyard
 such a fun day with all of my favorite people in the world & all planned by my favorite person in the world! 

it was really special because he came up with the whole plan all on his own and this was the first real time he has ever surprised me
[besides the engagement]
I will cherish that day forever and think it is one of the best gifts he could of given me 
I am beyond lucky
[sorry to sound so "braggy, but he is just so great to me!]

now just one more day of work stands between me and a long girl's mountain weekend in Asheville for Julia's bachelorette party! 

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