Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ocracoke 2014

I am trying to catch up from last weekend still
we had a fabulous extended weekend vacay in the beautiful Outer Banks, NC
thanks to our wonderful friends, Bunn, Paula, and of course the entire Boddie clan for hosting a very large group of us at their gorgeous beach house on Ocracoke
this was our third year on this trip and it never disappoints 
and with a group of friends like ours it is nothing short of a good time
this is the whole gang
yep. that is a full sized volleyball court, two massive-ass flag poles, four tents, and a ridiculous number of coolers
Bunn is never one to come without toys
he handmade this portable bar. yes, that is rope trim. yes, it had a gold crab detail on the bar top. yes, it had multiple shelves behind there.
does it get better?
well yes, we added our Margaritaville machine and had frozen margaritas on the beach
Bunn had everyone bring a flag that describes them as couple...
here is the whole beach gang
every couple had matching Tommy Bahama chairs from Costco.
Jared and mine are the only ones that don't 
beep.beep. this was our ride for the weekend
were adding a little bundle of joy to our fantastic group in January!
can't wait to be an adoptive aunt
as if this weekend could really get any better
we were given some of the most exciting news on Friday morning
I can't wait to share

this week I work 12-8-8-12-12 in a row
if you're a nurse you will understand
I will be very surprised if I can hold my head up come Saturday...

finally, Jared had his very first day at his new job on Monday!!!!!!! 
I am so freaking proud of my man
so looking forward to all the fun we will share on this new journey

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