Thursday, July 31, 2014

Catch Up

Oh Boy.
So last week I worked five days in a row. I will never ever ever do that again. It wasn't that bad until the fifth day when shit hit the fan. Literally.
This week however, I have managed to squeeze in a little fun with all the housework I have to do. 
Tuesday we "did the Dan." 
There is a river about 40 minutes away and you pay to rent a tube to float down the Dan River for about 2.5 hours. Drinking is involved of course. With pit-stops along the way to explore caves and climb rocks and sit on the beaches it ended up taking about 4 hours total. 
It was ridiculously pretty up that way and of course it oh so much fun with my amazing co-workers. I know I mention often how much I love them but I really do love them :) 

The rest of this week will be filled with cleaning and organizing this dang on house! 
Jared's parents are coming in from Texas next week for an extended weekend stay with us. I could not be more excited to have them since they haven't been out to NC since the wedding. And the last time they were here to stay with us we were living in a dump. So it will be nice for them to see the much larger rental we have up-graded to.
Just need to make this house look somewhat presentable by then.

When I am not cleaning, this is what I am doing. 
Jared may be gone two nights a week, which is incredibly lonely. But, I still get my kisses in from Beau and Maverick guards the house from ducks on TV.
 Also, the single gal lifestyle a few nights a week leads to meals like this. Lots of wine and sushi to keep me company. [frozen meals not pictured]
I miss my husband and can't wait until all this back and forth is over for good! 
Oh well, soon enough. 
For now, back to sorting laundry and cleaning out the ever-so-cluttered garage.

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