Monday, August 11, 2014

In-Law Visit

The in-laws were here for an extended weekend and we couldn't of had more fun with them! 
Before getting married I had always heard these sayings about people not getting along with their in-laws. But, I seriously love mine and we always get along. They took me in and made me feel part of the family since Jared and I started dating. I am so lucky to have such great people to add to my fabulous family :)
Their weekend here was so jam packed, mostly with food...We took them to all of the local Kernersville hot spots as well as some yummy places in Raleigh when we took a day trip there
there is no such thing as an ice-cream-less-weekend with the Rice Family 
why yes, those are fries covered in pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and jalapeno melted cheese.
my stomach is growling thinking about it.
 This is what happens when The Rices hit up C&H Cafeteria. It got real. Real good.

My mother-in-law and I did what we do best...shopped! We shopped so much that our feet were killing us and you could hear them crying to stop. But, we are so similar when shopping and love a good bargain it was hard to say no to some really killer deals.
Can't wait to share some of the projects I have planned coming up! 

My father-in-law did what he does best...slept ;) Just kidding...kind of. In his defense he was on vacation so his pre&post lunch naps were totally reasonable due to said vacation. I think he had fun for the most part getting to relax while the chatty women were out of the house. Plus it meant he got some quality one-on-one time with his grand-dogs. 

On top of shopping for clothes and home-goods we also did some power tool shopping! I have never in my life been so excited to buy a "pancake compressor" aka mini nail gun and a drill! My mind and pinterest board is busting at the seams with stuff to destroy build! 

Sadly, it is back to the real world and work. This is how I feel about that. 

According to a Facebook quiz I am in the wrong nursing field...I should be a school nurse? They probably queued into my love of summer, but clearly did not get the memo that snotty, booger, noses from screaming kids is not my favorite. 

Something scary for this Monday night before bed. This is what I would look like old.
Thanks Caitlin. 

Here's to a good week! 
Excited for it to fly by and spend an extended 3 day weekend with my hubs! 

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