Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I'm Back!!

Ok, so I think my near 2 month long blogging hiatus is over. 
I can't make any promises. But, I will try really hard. There are big things happening in this crazy life and I want to remember and share them!

[warning, this is a long one]

Things that have happened since September 8th? 
Lets see...

We took down 3 walls in our home!!!!!
Yes, we had DEMO-day less than 24 hours after signing the closing papers. 
It was a fun challenging experience and I am still cleaning out dust and debris from nooks and crannies everywhere. But the difference in the living room and dining room are huge. Totally different rooms. However, those projects deserve there very own post. Just because they are down doesn't mean the work is over. We are so close to completion of those rooms I can taste it. 
Here are before and after/during pictures of the living room and hallway

Painted the front door red.
Because, duh, we are two NC State alum who are ridiculously excited to be back in Raleigh!! And because of all the adorable meanings that red door holds. 

Traveled to Mexico and Arizona for 11 days!
Yes, I finally took an extended (and much needed) vacation to visit my side of the family in Arizona for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. My family has a beach house in Mexico and we went down there for a few relaxing days at the beach before making a wild trip to the Grand Canyon with all 20 of us. It was so much fun visiting with them, but I missed Jared terribly. This trip also deserves its own post.

We had our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary!!!
Even though I was in Mexico without Jared we still managed to make is special. We skyped that day of and then celebrated at Angus Barn, where we had our first dating anniversary. The couple next to us heard it was our one year anniversary and paid for our meal. We had no idea they had done it until they were long gone and we couldn't even thank them.
This past year of marriage has been amazing and I can't wait for what the years to come hold for us :) 

We won and TV and bought a Tahoe!
While I was in Arizona Jared managed to find a Tahoe he wanted to buy and trade in the Highlander. I have always wanted a Tahoe so it didn't take much arm twisting and they gave us a great deal. Long story short, we won a TV in a raffle at the dealership then bought the Tahoe and my mom traded in her car for the Highlander. 

Mountain Jam 2014!
We traveled to Smith Mountain Lake for 4 glorious days on the lake. It was gorgeous and there was so much to celebrate. Jessie and Trey are expecting a baby in April 2015. Bunn and Paula are expecting Lillie Blue in January 2015. Hillman and Nicole got in engaged! we rented a pontoon boat and had the most fun just cruising and enjoying being around each other!

We went to the NC State Fair as official Raleigh residents again!!! 
We had corndogs, onion rings, fried mac and cheese and a fried brownie sundae.
Everything was so delicious. I love everything about the fair. The foods, the smells, the people, the lights. It seriously is one of my favorite places to be. I am so glad Jared shares my obsession for the fair! No ferris wheel this year because it was 1+ hour wait. BOO! 

Cut and Died my hair!!!
I went to a new hairdresser and I am IN LOVE!!!! A bunch of my friends go to her and I was looking for a new stylist since moving back. I wanted to go all out and do something totally different. She did what is called a balayage color on my hair. It turned out so freaking fabulous. I am obsessed with it and her. It is Olivia at Primp Salon Bar in Raleigh. 

We celebrated Halloween and paid tribute to Jared's favorite movie!
we have been together for 7 Halloweens and this was our first couple's costumes. Let me tell you, we goes together like peas and carrots. Yes, we are Jenny and Forrest Gump. Swoon, love my sweet hubs for dressing up and keeping in character. Plus look at my adorable friends: a my little pony, night of the Roxbury and Lorde!! Caitlin, Layne and Emily threw such a fun Halloween party! 

Our dogs!! 
We just can't leave them out of post. That would be wrong.
Look at those boys. Probably plotting on what to destroy and kill next...

Well that is it. I mean there was some work, tailgates, room painting, arguments, mental breakdowns, and sappy stories sprinkled in, but those can wait. 

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