Monday, January 12, 2015

Playing Catch Up.

So...I lied. I was gone again for a couple months. Oops. 
But, new year, new start? 
My timehop app informed that two years ago I started this little blog which is so crazy. I am determined to stick with it. 

One big life change since last time, I had my last day at the Moses Cone ED the day before Thanksgiving.  A bitter sweet moment for me. I am so thankful to no longer be commuting nearly 1.5 hours to work and to be working normal hours. However, I miss the people I worked with so very much and I have to admit, I miss the crazy patients and stories! But, I also know I needed the change. I was losing sight of why I became a nurse in the first place. I was becoming one of those stereotypical ER nurses and I didn't like it. Elizabeth of course surprised me (even after I asked her repeatedly not to) with a going away pizza party, which also included popcorn and cucumbers (my favorite meals in nursing school) and a gigantic poster/card signed by most of co-workers. I am so surprised I didn't completely break down in tears leaving. 

In catching up, we missed the holiday posts. They were pretty similar to last year. 


We hosted again this year at our house in Raleigh. James, Matthew and my mom came from Wilmington and Jakie, Jared's cousin, came from Maryland. It was fun and stressful having it at our house again and I love the tradition we are creating. I look forward to many more Thanksgivings where people come to us for a change :) 

Jared and Jakie got handy and fixed up the kegerator we were given! oh yes, beer on tap in our garage.


We did our usual quick trip to Texas. We flew out at 5am Sunday before Christmas and were back 10am in Wilmington Christmas morning to be with my mom and brother. The trip to Texas is never long enough, but we certainly pack in as much as we can while we are there. We spent more time with the cousins this year. We got to see Jared's best friends since middle school! I swear when those guys get together is it like not a day has passed. We also caught up with Gwyn and Neil who moved to Houston a couple months ago. It was a whirlwind as usual but I wouldn't change it for anything. 

seriously, the prairie is so gorgeous! 

I am so lucky to have a sister in law and best friend in one :) 

Then is was off to Wilmington, starting with our before the butt crack of dawn flight to make it home in time for breakfast casserole. So worth it! 
Can I throw in here that in the mix of traveling I got a text from Virginia around 8 am (in the Charlotte airport) declaring that Thomas had FINALLY proposed at 6 am Christmas morning. Totally made our traveling home that much better! 

self timer on the iPhone is so genius. 
mom made legit fondue for Christmas dinner! 
celebrating VA and Thomas engagement & an NC State bowl game win at Banks! 
I love getting to celebrate with both sides of our families for Christmas. It really is such a special time. I just can't imagine what we are going to do when we have little ones of our own. I was having anxiety watching all the parents in the airport with their rugrats during such a hectic time. I don't know if I will ever be poised enough to handle that. 

Speaking of babies, BIG NEWS, our friends, Bunn and Paula, had their precious baby girl on January 9th! She really is royalty, she shares the same birthday at the Kate Middleton. She is so beautiful already and I am thrilled I will get to watch her grow. I am also excited to see our first close friends become parents. 

I am still in shock that we are now in this phase of our lives. It seems like yesterday we were playing beer pong in a someones college apartment. Now we are engaged, married and some are having babies (while some just have baby fever). It is pure craziness I tell you, but I love every minute of it 

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