Friday, November 6, 2015

Baby Rice Gender Reveal!

When we first started planning this I pictured a balloon or a piñata, maybe a cake. However, my visions were totally blown out of the water. It started one weekend at a tailgate when I was joking with Jared and friends that we should do our gender reveal at half time at an NC State football game. Jared had always joked about proposing at half time so I thought it would be cool to do something like that for the baby. But what happened was so.much.better. A friend of a friend works for the Wolfpack club and she suggested having mr and/or ms Wuf come to our tailgate to reveal the gender. I was sold and totally in love with the idea!

Thus, the best gender reveal ever was born. Thanks to my wonderful friend Emily who coordinated most of it :) we knew that either mr or ms Wuf would be coming to our tailgate! Obviously, mr Wuf meant boy and ms Wuf meant girl. I mean, is there a better way for two alumni to find out the sex of their future Wolfpacker? I think not.

We decorated the tailgate area to make it feel like a traditional gender reveal. Just no baby blue (aka Carolina blue). 

So Baby Rice is a...


I was beyond (happily) surprised! I was almost 100% sure it was going to be a girl. Not that I wanted a girl or that there were signs pointing to girl. Just a feeling. I don't think I have seen a more proud moment on my sweet husband's face. He yelled "ITS A BOY" so loud I think the entire tailgate knew we were having a boy! I was so happy to see him so so SO excited. It was a really special :)

Getting to share that intial moment of surprise with our family and friends was so much fun!

To even more of our surprise, Mr. And Ms. Wuf both came to the tailgate!! They made sure only Mr. Wuf was a part of the reveal but pulled Ms. Wuf in for lots of fun photo ops. They are truly like celebrities to me so it was such an honor to have them be a part of this. 
We have decided to keep the name to ourselves until his birthday. But I am so thrilled to be having a sweet Baby Boy Rice!

Side Note: today marks the exact halfway point in this pregnancy! Woohoo to 20 weeks down! Best moment so far of 20 weeks, Jared finally got to feel our sweet baby boy kicking! His face was priceless! 

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