Monday, November 2, 2015

18 weeks!

Baby size: sweet potato!

Total weight gain: thankfully only 7 pounds so far! Confirmed by the scale at the doctor's office. Though it feels like much more... 

Maternity clothes: loving the full panel maternity jeans! So comfy. I just wish they didn't slide down as often. Hopefully that will stop oncce I get bigger. Finally found a pair of work maternity pants I like and I could live in them. 

Sleep: still amazing. Some days I am more tired than others. I was able to stay at the fair until 9:30 pm on Sunday which I hadn't done in a couple weeks. But boy do I love my sleep. Taking advantage of that now while I can :) 

Symptoms: headaches are getting less frequent. But still feel great. If it weren't for my increase in bra size and belly growth I wouldn't know I was pregnant... 

Cravings: Frostys! I could eat one every night. I think I am considering this my first real pregnancy craving considering I have sent Jared out multiple times now to just get a frosty. My doctor's response "there are worse things in life." I take that as the green light for a frosty at least every other night. 

Movement: I am pretty sure I am feeling those first little movements! At our scan they told me my placenta is towards my back so it would be normal for me to feel them this early. I would describe it kind of like popping popcorn.

Gender: since I am blogging late, we already know! But the gender reveal will be a post on its own

Best moment this week: I had two again this week... 

1. date night at the fair with the sweetest husband ever. I LOVE the fair. He just tolerates it. He took me on the last night it was in town so I could see the lights, ride the farris wheel and of course, eat fried food! He really is the greatest baby daddy. 

2. Our anatomy scan! We got the ok that the baby is healthy and growing right on schedule. Actually, measuring 3 days early, but they said that was completely normal for size and weight to flucutate during this time. All I know is this little 9 ounce tiny human growing in my belly is the most precious thing I have ever seen. I can't thank our wonderful ultrasound tech enough for getting some of the sweetest pictures of our little babe. I will treasure these.

The ultrasound tech said we had a very active baby. They were moving all around during the scan. But, she was able to get a solid picture of the gender! Jared ancd I told her from the beginning we didn't want to know. So, she had us close our eyes and wait while she took the pictures and wrote the gender down. She sealed it tight in the envelope for us to deliver and wait. She could tell us that she was sure it was one or the other. Thankful for cooperative baby that day! 
Signed, sealed, delivered. Now we just had to wait 48 hours to know the gender of our baby!

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