Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fletcher 10 Months

It seems impossible that Fletcher is already TEN MONTHS old. I mean, he just got here, but also he has been here forever. Oh, the mom feels.
This age is so fun. You can see his little personality really starting show. He actually laughs at us now and makes the funniest faces. He is learning and figuring out new things all the time which is so cool to see. And he is starting to try to say words, which mostly all sound like "da."
This age is also really challenging. I can tell that he is starting to test us a little. He is into everything. Especially loves opening cabinets and drawers. We have started to tell him "no." Sometimes he will look right at us, laugh, then promptly go back to doing what he was told not to do. Yikes, what are the toddler years going to be like? He has also started those really fun 5:30-6pm cry-whining-irritated-at-everything-don't-put-me-down episodes that I have heard a lot of other parents talk about aka "the witching hour." How is it that those line up perfectly with making dinner?
This month brought us a week off of work to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, New Year's Eve spent at the river, figuring out how to play peek-a-boo, waving (at everything), Dad's 31st birthday, snow day, 40 weeks in vs 40 weeks out, first signs of epic dance moves, first time throwing up and a high fever, big boy car seat, introduction to the sippy cup and water, JuJu's birthday and starting to point, mostly with a fist.
at the river with Wade, Aunt Jules, and Aunt GiGi!
40 weeks and 2 days out vs 40 weeks and 2 days in
Jared did a lot of research and ultimately decided on the Britax Marathon Click Tight. Fletcher likes this one much better.

Activity: taking Dad's hat off, wagon rides, knocking over block towers, playing sous chef while mom and dad make dinner, watching his dogs, and waving. Favorite things to wave at, his bookshelves and the dogs.
Food: blueberries, strawberries, cheese, tomatoes, and dried snap peas or black beans
Toy: his remote. Yes, Jared took the batteries out of an old remote so Fletcher could play with it and he loves it.
Fletcher now gets so excited when we go outside to open the garage because he knows that is where the wagon lives.
Activity: car rides, diaper changes, getting dressed, 6pm and being left out of anything.
Food: avocados, bananas, and spicy chicken sandwiches (parent fail)
no, Jared is not yelling at him. He is mocking Fletcher's fake cry because Jared wouldn't let him knock down the tower he was building...
Eating: five, 5-8 ounce, bottles, 3 "meals" and two snacks per day. We are dropping a bottle this weekend since he is starting to eat more food.
all meals should be consumed sans clothes
Pumping: still pumping three times during the day. Planning to start weaning in mid-February! Supplementing with formula more now so enough breastmilk can be frozen to get us to the 12 month mark!
Sleeping: still great, thank goodness! Naps at daycare are still not the best, but we did end this week with several 1-1.5 hour naps! When he is at home he has two naps that last about an hour each. His nighttime sleep has always been good. In bed by 7:15/7:30pm and wakes up 6:30/7:00am.
I absolutely love the way this sweet boy sleeps. Always on his belly. Usually with his little bottom up in the air and his ankles crossed. Too precious!

last bath of 2016 was spent in a red claw foot tub with a lightshow courtesy of Uncle Thomas
twins met mom at the mall for some shopping!
berry messy. #momjokes
some rare, non-sick, snuggles before bed time
this boy is so happy in the mornings. love walking into this big ol smile!
looking like a little man
sous chef reporting for duty
throwing that sippy cup back
Fletcher video chatting with Dad in the airport before he took off to Buffalo, NY for a work trip
realizing I gave birth to my husband's twin
celebrated JuJu with a belated birthday lunch at H-Street Kitchen
bringing your 10 month old to your college campus is a little surreal
chair highlights. can we talk about that right hand?

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