Saturday, January 21, 2017

Snow Day and Birthdays!

The weekend before last, January 7th, was a snow day here in North Carolina. It was also Jared's 31st birthday! I am an awful wife and did not even get him a gift. Literally, nothing. #wifefail I blame the holidays and the impending snow and being crazy busy at work and having a baby. Is that enough excuses? I haven't made myself feel better about it. I really have never not done anything for his birthday. Truly, I just couldn't top last year's big 3-0. We had planned to do a joint birthday celebration with Alyson at some local breweries, but of course the snow ruined that. So, we hunkered down at home for his big day instead.

We started the morning with a breakfast request from the birthday boy, pancakes! Fletcher had blueberry and strawberry, Jared had chocolate chip and I had plain.
I am not a big fan of snow. North Carolina is just not equipped to handle it properly. Also, the "snow" we get isn't the same as it is in other states. We get mostly ice which causes everything to shut down and then you're cooped up inside all weekend. So not fun with a 9 month old and a stir crazy husband. Since this was Fletcher's first snow we tried to make the best of it, even if it was 30 degrees out.

We stuck Fletcher in about three layers, socks on his hands, and put on dad's too-big-fuzzy-boots from New Zealand that he had when he was kid. He could barely move his arms and looked like the kid from a Christmas Story. It was too cute! I think he was mostly confused about why he had to have so many clothes on. A little irritated about not being able to move much. But, he had fun taking this wagon all around the neighborhood.
Luckily, Jared was able to make it out that evening to get to Ba Da Wings so he could have his birthday buffalo wings. Finished the day with baking brownies. Yum.

The NC State vs Carolina basketball game was rescheduled to Sunday due to weather. We got our butts kicked. It was beyond embarrassing. So, overall, not the best birthday weekend for Jared.

The following weekend we finally made it to the breweries for Jared and Alyson's birthday celebration. My mom and Uncle James came over to watch Fletcher for us. We went to Neuse River Brewing first followed by Nickle Point Brewing. It was some much needed adult time out.

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