Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Meghan!

Oh, where do I even begin with Miss Meghan? 
My family met Meghan's when we first moved to Wilmington when I was four. We later went on to play soccer together while we were growing up. She was one of those "year-round" kids and I went to private school so we didn't become really close until middle school when we could finally reconnect on the good old Noble Blacktop. 
People always used to joke about us in college because whenever we were together one of us lost our voice. We just got so excited to see each other that we had to yell everything to each other. She is like the sister I never had. 
Fun fact about Meghan: she could literally fall asleep anywhere. 
I actually could of made an entire post of just pictures of her sleeping that I have caught over the years. 

Meghan is a truly special person and anyone who has met her can attest to that. I am blessed to be able to call her one of my closest and best friends! 
I love you Sleepy Megz and hope you have a fabulous birthday! 

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