Thursday, April 25, 2013

Red, White, and BABY!

Well it is FAR too early for the J-man and I to be thinking about little tykes. But, I did start babysitting for the most adorable 3 month old baby girl Charlotte this week! I think this has had the opposite of "baby fever" on me. She is pretty freaking cute, but lets be real, I can only handle that for a certain amount of time... 

Before I started working with Charlotte I spent a wonderful weekend with my friends in Raleigh at the NC State Spring Football Game. Every time I go back to Raleigh I miss it even more. Maybe one day soon we will be back.

Here is the photo montage of the weekend and baby Charlotte... 

Friday we ate at Gonza Tacos y Tequila
This place is freaking amazing. Go try it! 


They are obsessed with each other...
Obligatory trip to our old stomping grounds.
Oh the memories...
I wore this really cool jacket while we had awkward converstations 
Churchills and far too many Jello shots...
I love y'all 

Cuteness Overload
ahhh baby falling asleep on your chest=heaven

I am done working/babysitting this week! And boy was it tough to get back in the game after about a month in a half of no school, no work, just sleeping in, wedding planning, and watching TV. 

We are headed to Wilmington this weekend for Katie and Austin's fabulous wedding!!! Super excited to see these two finally tie the knot! 

We will also being doing a tiny bit of wedding stuff ourselves, just going to see our amazing caterer about the menu, YUM! 

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