Thursday, March 21, 2013

He Didn't Go To Jared...

Yesterday at 5am (yes, that time is right) I received a text from our good friends Gwyn and Neil saying that Neil had FINALLY popped the question! They are officially engaged and we could not be happier for the two of them! 
We met Gwyn and Neil about 2 weeks before Jared and I got engaged. Gwyn and Jared are in the same MBA program together. We became really close quickly! Since they have basically been on our engagement journey with us I am so excited to share in their experience and can't wait for all the planning to begin! 

He did it in a very sweet way and totally surprised her. We were joking last night that he didn't go to Jared (because obviously thats my future hubby's name), but then again neither did we...Anyways, her ring is gorgeous! We just couldn't wait to celebrate with them so we had dinner at the same place we celebrated our engagement with them back in September and then popped champagne! 

Getting the engagement pose down
Love y'all! 
More posing with the ring out
Bling Bling
Welcome to the club girl 
Jared loves posing
I laugh every time I see this 
Dixie is no longer an illegitimate fur child
Neil eyeing Jared's ring 
Congratulations again Gwyn and Neil! We love you both and couldn't be more excited for the two of y'all to start this amazing journey together! 

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  1. did neil go to state?? I swear I had physics with him!