Friday, March 22, 2013

Wine A Little

Yesterday we took a little day trip to a small winery located in Graham, NC. It was a Living Social deal and let's face it, we have a lot of time on our hands to kill, especially me being jobless and all.

Elizabeth's cousins were in town for a little mini vacation. They are from up north so being down in North Carolina brought on a number of comments about burning things, the Mason Dixon Line, hippies, Chapel Hill, racism, filters, Southern accents, tanning, hashtags, and more. Honestly, I haven't had that much fun or laughed as hard as I did yesterday in a long time.
Benjamin Winery in Graham, NC 
Lovely Ladies
Nurses Who Wine
Megan had too much strawberry wine 

We topped off a perfect day of wine tasting with slices of cheesecake from Cheesecakes by Alex in downtown Greensboro, NC. 
Strawberry Red Velvet Cheesecake!
My day of wine didn't end there... 

I cracked open my 2007 Zinfandel that I got on the winery tour we went on for my mom's birthday in January 2012. I held on to this bottle for a little over a year and wanted to wait until I passed the NCLEX to open that baby. 

Well as of yesterday my nursing license is officially active and posted on the NCBON registry! Hallelujah! I will drink to that. 
This may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
(other than my engagement ring)
However, my day would not be complete without these wonderful boys...
Looking feisty in his bandana 
This is my favorite
Love them

Finally, GO PACK!!! Today is our first NCAA Tournament game against Temple University! 
Survive and Advance! 

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