Thursday, February 7, 2013


I usually don't make resolutions because I always seem to break them. However, this year is different. Not only have I made resolutions, but I have stuck to them (well, most of them)...

1. No Fast Food! 

Jared and I both committed to not eating fast food for the year of 2013!

I know you are thinking we are nuts! I honestly didn't think we would survive because that is our go to meals on Saturdays. However, this has been surprisingly easy to do and I have never felt better! 
Everyone considers "fast food" something different. So let me clarify, we were giving up the drive thru restaurants that serve grease-fried-stick-on-your-hips-for-life-make-you-have-diarrhea-kind of foods. Subway and Jimmy John's, though fast, we are allowed to eat. 
If you think this cannot be done because fast food is so convenient and delicious, think again. I found this little gem today and it almost made me puke...
This if from and these burgers & fries were purchased over 2 years ago and this is the condition they are currently in today. YUCK!  
Now, I am not saying we all need to go Vegan, stop showering, and become tree hugging hippies, but we should all think twice about what we put in our bodies. Just food for thought (oh, yes, pun fully intended)! 

2. Start Running Again 

Yeah, this didn't exactly happen the way I thought. I am putting the blame on nightshift. But, I have managed to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day with Beau. It is a start and I am going to get serious after I am done with school, I hope. Needless to say, Jared and I will at least be doing one 5K before we get married! 

3. Blogging 

This was not one of my original resolutions, but I started this blog in January so technically it can be considered a resolution. I think I have stuck to this pretty well. I promise to start writing about more interesting things. It will soon be filled with wedding planning in less than 8 days!! 

4. Try New Things 

I have never really been one to shy away from trying something new and I have never really been afraid to make a fool of myself. But, I think after we got engaged my wild side kind of toned itself down. So I am hoping that in 2013 I can remember what it was like to let some of my inhibitions go for a little while.
This past weekend we did just that. 
We went to a bar called Johnny and Junes (not our typical "scene") here in Winston-Salem. We had a blast! And yes, we ALL rode the mechanical bull. With a little liquid courage we were able to make fools of ourselves and it felt amazing! 
Yep that is Neil taking life by the horns! 
Jared was right at home
Gwyn and I before we "tackled" the bull
haha obviously we were the cutest and most experienced bull-riders in there


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  1. I swear I watch the video you sent me of you on a bull whenever I need to smile!

    haha I LOVE YOU!