Friday, May 24, 2013

Love Story

Today is our 5 year anniversary together 
the final one before we get hitched 

4 months and 4 days until our forever starts

I thought I would post about how Jared and I came to be where we are now

January 2008
we met  
Jared had just recently returned to North Carolina from Texas 
where he had to live for a while with his parents 
he wasn't in school, didn't have a degree and was selling cars (not ideal)
I had heard many stories from mutual friends about him
I was intrigued to meet "The Jared"

February 13, 2008
our first "date"  
since neither of us had money he picked me from the dorm 
we went to his apartment to watch Out Cold (so romantic)
he didn't have anything to eat or drink
it was super awkward 
I was still hung up on the guy I met at the beginning of my Freshman year
I confided in my roommates that I didn't think it was going to work with Jared 

February 14, 2008
Layne tells Jared that he and I are not going to work out 
basically told him I wasn't interested 
obviously he was devastated ;) 

My frist year of college went on...
Jared and I continued our on & off(ness)
remained just friends 
trying to hide our feelings for each other 
at Buckhead singing to each other
lots of classy memories were made there 
Then he brought another girl out one night 
it was all over
we didn't talk or see each other for sometime 

May 16, 2008 
Jared came to Wilmington for the weekend 
tequila and a long conversation bring us back together

May 24, 2008 
we make it official 
Jared, like a high school kid, 
asks me to be his girlfriend as Hillman's graduation party 
again, so romantic...

we fell fast and hard 

June 2008
our frist real date at Mellow Mushroom 
Jared tells me he thinks he is falling in love with me 
tells my mother, over toxic margaritas, that he is going to marry me 
we say "I love you" 

I knew early on I wanted to marry him 
but, I told him I could never marry a man that didn't have a college degree 
or at least a stable job & selling cars is not stable

December 2008 
fly to Texas 
meet the Rice family 
they are simply outstanding 
fall even more in love 

January 2009 
Jared is back at NC State 
pursuing his Bachelors of Business Administration degree 

May 2010
Jared graduates from NC State 
starts his first full time "big boy job" 

November 2010
we get our precious fur-baby 

May 2011 
I graduate from NC State 

June 2011
I move to Greensboro 
we do long-distance for a little while 

July 2011 
Jared moves to Piedmont Triad
starts working for R.J. Reynolds 

January 2012
we move in together in Winston-Salem
I start my accelerated nursing program 

June 2012 
Jared gets his "dream" job at John Deere Hitachi 
I say dream because when Jared was first back in school he made a list of potential employers 
the only name on that list:
John Deere 

August 2012 
Jared is accepted into Wake Forest's Master of Business Administration program! 
this was so unexpected but oh so wonderful 
later in August...
we get ENGAGED! 
August was a really great month

March 2013 
earn my BSN and become an RN 

Dreams can come true folks :)
I can't wait to call such an amazing man my husband!  


  1. What a sweet love story :) enjoyed reading your adventure as a couple! Congrats on the engagement and happy wedding planning!