Friday, May 24, 2013


Your top three worst traits. 

1. I over-analyze 
every. single. situation. 
someone once called me a ruminator 
ru-mi-nate (verb): to turn a matter over and over in the mide or to chew cud (what cows do) 
I was not flattered 

2. I am quick to judge 
I form opinions about people as soon as I meet them 
often those opinions are hard to change 

3. I nag 
yes, I admit it, I nag Jared 
about everything 
I worry he will forget if I don't keep reminding him 
really working on this. 


  1. lol, I'm pretty sure I nag my boyfriend as well. I'm convinced he is going to forget stuff.

  2. I'm with you on the judging people. I really need to quite it but I can't help it. Maybe I should just take Miranda Lamberts advice to smile and say God Bless.