Wednesday, October 14, 2015

16 Weeks!

Baby Size: the size of an avocado this week! Up to 4.6 inches and 3.5 ounces. I used to love eating avocado and making guac. Now, the thought makes me sick. Ugh. 

Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds since the beginning! My clothes still fit which is great. Some are a little more snug than others but I am mostly still able to wear everything.

Sleep: wonderful. No issues. I get up like clockwork usually between 6-7am to go to the bathroom though. 

Symptoms: well, my chest grew...again. These things are out of control! Time to invest in some new bras. I think that is where I have gained all my weight. But still feeling great!

Movement: I keep thinking I feel him/her but then it goes away. It is probably just gas and me over thinking it...

Cravings: still loving unhealthy food unfortunately. Thank goodness the fair starts this week! Not only is it one of my favorite places on earth, I get to fully indulge in fried fair food, preggo-style. 

Gender: the countdown is on for October 31st. Just 17 days away!!

Best Moment This Week: my co-workers started a Baby Rice Predictions. I love seeing what people are guessing for gender, birth date and weight. So fun! 

Most Looking Forward to: when we can hear the baby heartbeat with my stethoscope. I read that some women can hear between 17 and 18 weeks but we still periodically check :) I really just love seeing my cute baby daddy so focused on finding it 

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