Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Telling Our Families

We split this up over some time and told each person in a unique way which I love.

First, was my mom. We shared the news in person on the way back from Ocracoke with a tiny Wrightsville Beach onsie. Jared caught the whole thing on video for me to cherish forever. Next best thing to telling your husband hes going to be a dad is getting to tell your mom she is going to get her first grandbaby. 

A few days later we told Jared's parents. I let him plan this one. We had to FaceTime with them since they live in Texas. Jared told his dad that there was something wrong with the oven and we got it all on video. But he definitely used the ol "bun in oven" to get them. Of ourse they were overjoyed to hear the news of their first grandchild too! Can't wait to celebrate in person with them at Christmas!

We waited until after the first ultrasound to tell our siblings just to be 100% sure it was actually happening. 

My younger brother, Michael was the first to find out since I was going to see him first. We were going shopping and my mom insisted that she would not be able to keep that secret all day. So I wrote him this little card:
It took him a minute to get what I was referring to but there was an "oh shit" moment when it clicked. 

Jared's sister, Charli Kay, was the next to find out. We sent her this Mad Gab for her to read aloud, "eye mag oinking toby man haunt." Which obviously translates to, "I'm going to be an aunt!" We FaceTimed with her since she was living in Nabraska at the time. It was so sweet how excited she was. She is going to be one amazing aunt!

My older brother, James, was the last to hear the news. In typical James fashion he had a less than surprised reaction even though I tried really hard to make it special. Clearly he is thrilled to be having a niece/nephew :)

It was starting to feel really real after telling our family. 

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