Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ocracoke 2015

Ocracoke weeked is undoubtedly our favorite time of the year. Is there anything that can beat being surrounded by your best friends for an extended weekend on one of the most gorgeous beaches in North Carolina? The answer is no.

This year was going to be a little different for me, being newly pregnant and all. Jared and I used the 5 hours in the car on the way there to discuss how and who all we would tell. Even though these are some of our dearest friends, it was still very early in the pregnancy and I wanted to be careful about the news getting out.

Well, sure enough within 5 minutes of being there I was offered a glass of wine. I declined saying it was a long trip. I had to pull my sweet Julia off to the side because I knew she could help me. She of course knew instantly with the wine decline as a dead giveaway. Jules was so excited and wanted all the details. She agreed to help me keep it hidden, playing off La Croix for mixd drinks.

That night a dinner, Jared, Will, Julia, Paula, Bunn, Lillie and I were the first to arrive. There was not going to be a better time to share this with all of them without others present. So I said, " guys, I am not going to be drinking this Ocracoke..."--silence--then lots of cheers and congratulations. Later we shared it with Virginia, Thomas, Hillman and Nicole. I coudn't keep it from Virginia, the baby lover, and Jared could not keep it from his bestie Hillman. It felt so good to tell them all. I know I say this all the time but we are sincerely lukcy to have such wonderful friends.

The rest of the weekend was spent silently celebrating our news, playing with Lillie Blue and Tripp, and soaking up the sun with a group of amazing friends.

Next time we make the trek we will have a little beach babe of our own in tow. I can't wait! Until next year Ocracoke. 

On the way home from Ocracoke we took the LONG way. Meaning, we went 4 hours out of the way, because I was bound and determined to share this news with my mom in person. Thankfully, Jared puts up with my requests. I did have a trip to PTs to bargain with. We told a little lie to my mom, said we had gotten on the wrong ferry and figured we would stop by Wilmington to see her. Before getting to her house we stopped and bought a tiny Wrightsville Beach onsie to give to her to share the news. It was such a special moment to have with my mom. Of course Jared got the whole thing on video for me which I will cherish forever! 

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