Wednesday, October 14, 2015

All About That BASS! (And 14 weeks)

This weekend (September 26th, because my blogging is off) two of our best friends got married! I have known Hillman since high school and we've been close friends for 10 years! He married his long time college sweetheart, Nicole. Her and I quickly became friends back when they first started dating in 2007. She also played an important role in getting Jared and I together. These two are perfect for each other. We couldn't be happier for them! It was also Baby Rice's first wedding...even if he/she attended in my belly.

The wedding was held at Figure Eight Island Yacht Club, where Hillman and Nicole first met. I have never been to a wedding there, but it was just as wonderful as I expected. Everything was beautifully done but low key, just like them. These two were not even phased by the rain that came during there ceremony, which ended up soaking both of them. They just smiled through it.

Chinn made it all the way from Chicago!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bass! We love you both so much!!

14 Weeks

Size: Baby Rice is the size of a lemon! 

Total Weight Gain: not weighing myself at home. Will have to wait until the next appoingment. But, all clothes are fitting still! Minus that pair of pants I had to unbutton at work. Minor. 

Sleep: still wonderful and sleeping like a grandma. Loving it. 

Symptoms: no real symptoms still. Feeling grateful all I have is headaches in the morning. 

Movement: still none yet.

Cravings: aside from wanting to partake in the glasses of champange at the wedding, none. I am still just against ethnic food and healthy things. Thank goodness for green juices. 

Gender: unknown. Reveal is set for October 31st!!! We had a lot of guesses at the wedding this weekend though. People are leaning more towards girl. I still have no idea!

The best thing about this week, besides seeing two of our friends get married, was celebrating our two year wedding anniversary!! I can't believe not only that it has been two years but I'm pregnant. I can remember when we first got married we talked about waiting until our 3 year wedding anniversary to start trying for a baby. Oh how life changes. We celebrated in typical Lauren and Jared fashion, dinner a Kanki. Not all our days together have been a fairytale but they are fun and we learn everyday. I can't wait to start the journey of parenthood with Jared. I love doing life with him! Cheers to two years and the last one just the two of us! 

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