Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

confession, I LOVE Christmas!
this season is so magical to me 
the decorations, lights, smells, cheer, music and everything that makes this season so wonderful 

this year I am super excited because we have an adorable house to decorate 
so...I we went all out 

I got this cute little winter tree from Walgreens for $10! 
it fits perfectly in the mercury glass vase and looks wonderful next to our distressed frames 
added some ornaments to match the ones in the tree...I didn't really like the ornaments
but the husband did and he was so cute putting them on that I didn't want to take them off 

 another confession 
I am obsessed with our mantel
I love decorating it! 
break down of the Christmas decor 
we got the mercury glass candle holders as a wedding gift from Pottery Barn 
the birch tree candles were on sale at World Market for a steal and much cheaper than the ones I was swooning over at PB 
the silver deer are from Walgreens for $4 + 25% Black Friday coupon :)
the stumps are from when we picked up our tree--they smell amazing--and they were free 
originally had real branches on the mantel but my mom mentioned something about a fire hazard...
so I took those suckers down since I didn't want the house to end up in Christmas flames...
replaced with fake garland from Lowes, wrapped with mini white lights and hung that baby 
the ornament garland is my favorite--the neutral colors and little sparkle are so pretty
picked that up from Lowes and wrapped it in mini lights for an extra pop...i kind of love lights... 
 the poinsettias were on sale at Lowes for $0.99! 
hello, we love a good pop of red in our house!  
 one of my favorite ornaments added this year 
given to us from our newlywed friends, The Smiths, so sweet and thoughtful 
the centerpiece for our coffee table is my favorite--and all real! 
made from clipped branches (again, free from Lowes) 
and cinnamon scented pinecones from Lowes
this thing smells amazing and so simple
I made this wreath earlier in November and decided to add and little Christmas cheer to it with the balls that match our garland on the mantle 
the plain wreath is from AC Moore and then I just wrapped it with burlap and added the tan R 
super easy and inexpensive
another festive chalkboard! 
 surely this will change between now and Christmas 
 the centerpiece for our breakfast table 
again, just fresh clipping from the tree, matching ornaments, and of course, a burlap bow! 

here it is all together, with Beau :) 
we decided to go with a silver and red theme for Christmas..as if my husband would let me put any colors up around the house.
 real trees are a holiday must for me...my mother would allow nothing but live trees growing up 
this is Jared's first live tree that he can remember 
we almost killed each other getting those lights on there...
I am so excited to be able to share this family tradition with him 
and our house smells amazing! 
we are just missing a topper and skirt... 

my husband gave me one of the best gifts 
he hung lights on the house! 
to many this is not a big deal...for me, it means a whole lot 
Christmas lights are one of my favorite parts of this holiday 
my father would never hang lights for my mom, even though she was as big of sucker for lights as me so she always hung them all alone
when I asked Jared if we could hang lights all over the house, his only hesitation was finding a ladder big enough to reach the top of the house and obviously the safety issue of being that high
but, he did it and he is the best. ever.
originally we wanted to have lights all the way up, but there was this whole thing about height and Jared possibly falling and hurting himself...so I decided less lights and an alive husband was the best compromise
we got the globes lights for the back deck 
alternated every other one red and white 
he was quite happy with the outcome--I think he might love lights as much as me now:)
will be perfect for the Christmas party we are having in two weeks

I love getting home from a long day of work and seeing this beautiful house all decorated 
makes my heart so happy 
and even happier that I get to share such a special time with a great man 

beyond thankful for my many blessings 

this week is my first week off orientation. EEK. 
yesterday was my first solo shift 
it went ok...it was super busy even though I was only in fast track. 
I still have SO much to learn 
pray this week goes smooth and all my patients make it out alive ;) 


our Thanksgiving was super special this year for many reasons

it was our 6th Thanksgiving together 
it was our 2 month wedding anniversary 
it was our first time hosting Thanksgiving in our new home 

our family traveled to us to spend the weekend eating and shopping 
so much fun

I did a little decorating to make the house look festive for one of my favorite holidays
I got those cool little pumpkins from the local Farmers Market 
fell in love with the green/grey one on the left
the leaf garland is straight from the yard...dead leaves on some twine...how festive?
this was the chalkboard platter that was used as our bar sign at the wedding 
it now sits in our kitchen and gets filled with fun holiday sayings :) 
Jared fried the turkey and Beau was drooling the whole time per usual... 
here are some fun throwbacks of Beau's true love of raw turkey 
we ate and drank..a lot
fun was had by all 
of course a tripod picture with my siblings was a must 
and an awkward family prom pose 
Thanksgiving is a really special holiday for us 
2010 we got Beau the weekend before Thanksgiving 
2011 we picked out my engagement ring the day after Thanksgiving 
2012 bought my wedding dress the day after Thanksgiving 
2013 we hosted our first married Thanksgiving

can't wait to see what the next Thanksgivings hold for us

my favorite time of year!! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner Recap

our rehearsal dinner was fabulous 
Jared's parents really went all out to make the night wonderful 
it was held at a local Wilmington restaurant on Wrightsville Beach, The Oceanic 

the only mishap of the entire evening was getting from the actual rehearsal to the dinner
Wilmington traffic can be awful, but our rehearsal day it seemed to be at its worst 
[I'm talking building on fire and traffic lights out on the busiest streets]
most of the wedding party got stuck in the traffic and were late to the rehearsal 
but the most memorable part, Jared had to get gas, his phone was dead, and he was riding alone 
turns out he was over 30 minutes late to the dinner 

never fear, Jared's parents were great hosts and kept everything going smooth 

our photographer joined us for the rehearsal and dinner 
she was able capture some really fun moments from it all 
best part, she took formal family pictures for mine and Jared's families 
yep, she is freaking awesome 

our sweet flower girl and ring bearer 
they loved getting to high-five with the groom at the end of the aisle 
 played rock, paper, scissors to see who got to do their vows first 
I won and chose to go first :)
 how gorgeous is that view?
 love my sweet family 
 classic totem pose with the brothers 
 such a lucky lady to have these men give me away 
 our cousins 
were all six months apart from our counterpart 
 how adorable are my grandparents?
 Hawkins giving his epic speech 
 Uncle J giving his speech
 Bunn telling the story I told him not to 
 my reaction to that story 
 my sweet mom had some very kind words 
 best man, Chris Chinn, gave a heck of speech too 
 my bridesmaid, Meghan, made the sweetest slideshow for us 

 last "single" kiss before we became husband and wife 
and Jared almost dropped me...
 then this happened... 
GO Pack!