Sunday, June 30, 2013

Refusing the Cookie Cutter

we are 90 days away from our wedding day 

mom and I just made a 7 page to-do list 
(handwritten and front page only--don't freak Jared) 
lots and lots of little tiny details left

this brings me to the post topic...

I am super duper anti-cookie-cutter-wedding
meaning a one-stop wedding venue
where they do essentially everything for you 
and every other wedding that is held there looks the same  
is just not for us 

yes, it would make this planning process a whole crap ton easier 
but where is the fun in that? 

I pride myself on being different and having a lot of my own ideas 
of course I will admit that a few have been taken from Pinterest 
but I have continuously added "our spin" on things 

honestly, I think the only thing were not making or personally designing ourselves 
is the food and party rentals 
even those have a dash of us in them 

when we first discussed theme we wanted to have 
"a southern garden party with a backyard on the water feel"
(seeing it in writing, it sounds a little ridiculous) 
but it made sense at the time and we had a stern vision in mind 

the more we looked and planned however, our ideas changed and molded into something different 

now when people ask theme or colors
(originally coral and navy--now a very neutral base palette using flowers to add color)
we say our wedding is going to be us, just dressed up

here are a few of the things I have been doing since at home Wilmington for two weeks... 

 distressed metal buckets 
use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and steel wool 
coat and scrub metal 
leave in sun for few hours 
and voilà

handmade one of our favors 
not pictured because it is a surprise 

mom dedicated a room in her house to wedding only supplies 
this will be quickly consumed 

designed our wedding suite and wine labels 
not pictured again because it is a surprise 

I have a week left in Wilmington
a week to plan, plan, plan 
a week to prepare for my first big girl nurse job 
a week to relax and enjoy the sun 

only 3 more days until Jared and I are reunited after a week and a half a part 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Stock the Bar!

this weekend my lovely bridesmaids hosted a "Stock the Bar" shower in mine and Jared's honor
this was our first official wedding shower 

for those that don't know
a shower like this is to provide gifts to "stock the bar" of the bride and groom to be 
usually people bring an alcohol that the couple enjoys 
(we got tons of wine and bourbon) 
but also to bring bar related accessories like glasses or a bar tool set 
(we received both with our new co-monogram!) 
basically it is a good excuse to get friends together to celebrate with good food and drinks :) 

my bridesmaids (and my MOH's mom) out did themselves on this event
we had such a wonderful time with our really close family and friends

here is a picture montage of the nights events 
the wine bottles in the top right were hand painted by one of my bridesmaids, Layne! 
they will definitely be used for later wedding festivities 
bride and groom to be (eep)
with the wonderful hostesses and worlds best bridesmaids 
just missing Miss Charli Kay! 
the groom with some of his handsome groomsmen 
and Will in the middle, not groomsman, but off to Costa Rica for 6 weeks to work for Chiquita 
looks like a Vineyard Vines advertisement 
photo opps with two bridesmaids and my sweet bestie from nursing school 
with the two sets of newlyweds 
gifts galore! 
so blessed to have such great friends 
then we took a party bus to the bar 
did some karaoke on the ride there 
K-Ci and JoJo was a must-play for the night 
my awesome brothers
sad we didn't do our totem pose
with the only four men I need in my life
James of course had to photobomb the picture with the MOH
Kim, that mini sombrero is too much 
maid of honor, best friend, other half, partner in crime, sister...
thank you for everything this weekend and for making this time in my life so special

Jared and I are so truly grateful for the friends that came out to support and celebrate us 
we can't thank you enough for the memories and new additions to our bar 

now I am back in Wilmington for two more weeks of straight wedding planning 
(and beach days)

my mom has dedicated a room in her house to only wedding things 
if that tells you anything about how serious we are getting 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

Oh I hate when the glorious weekends come to an end
back to work and real life 
it was especially hard to let go of this weekend 

we received all of our engagement pictures back 
I spend a lot of time bragging about our photographer Libby McGowan 
we can't say enough about how awesome she is
her pictures speak for themselves 
here are a few of my favorites that weren't in the sneak peek 

we have also been on the hunt for our centerpiece glass 
we hit up both Goodwills in Winston-Salem and found amazing deals on unique glass 
this is just the beginning of what we need

was a gorgeous day 
the weather couldn't of been more perfect for a BBQ
Jared smoked pig 
 and it was so delicious
I cleaned the house before we had a few friends over 
finally got our diplomas hung 
my sweet future mother in law had these professionally and custom framed for us a year ago
we added these Southern accents to the house too 
can't go wrong with mason jars and pig shaped chalkboards
what goes good with smoked pig?
Southern Sangria of course! 
well I call it southern because it was a little redneck-ish-ly made and then I put it in a mason jar
super simple to make 
strawberries, pineapple, blueberries soaked in sauvignon blanc overnight 
topped with lemon lime soda just before serving 
Jared's friend from work brought a puppy
and we got our fix in 
love these of Jared with the puppy 
we were twins that day 
and Beau was determined to be in the picture too 
after stuffing our faces 
Jared strummed the guitar 
of course 
then we headed downtown to Gwyn's apartment to hang out on the roof 

spent the day on the couch 

this weekend was simply wonderful 
I love this time of year 

Now this is my last four days with the sweet baby have been taking care of 
it will be hard to say goodbye 
so I am trying to soak up all the time with her that I can 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just hit me

we have been planning this wedding on and off for the past 9-ish months now 
however, less than 4 months away and it is now hitting me 
were getting married in 114 days 
thank you for the daily reminder of how close we are 

it has always been real 
I have known this whole time were getting married 
but now I really know because...

we freak when we find steal-worthy prices on decorations 
we picked out our wedding bands 
we reserved the beach house for us and the wedding party the week before the wedding 
our wedding is the next one we will be attending 
we designed our wedding favors (and they are awesome) 
we I am going gah-gah over bridesmaids & groomsmen gifts
we designed the invitations and are getting ready to print and send them 
we are basically consumed with the wedding related topics
we met with our new caterer and created the most unique menu 

lots more to do 

as much as I want to be married now 
I don't want to wish this time away 
it goes fast and I want to soak it all in 
this only happens once after all 
us at Dockside in Wilmington after a day full of planning
drinks were much needed