Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meghan's Birthday Weekend!

last weekend we went to Charlotte to celebrate Meghan's 25th birthday!!!
even though we were only there for one night and didn't really see much of the city
we kind of fell in love with it

the celebrations started at Meghan and Ryan's house
which is just too adorable
she has done such a good job of decorating and making it a home for them
and I got to meet my newest fur-niece! 
Miss Sadie, Meghan and Ryan's lab pup
we headed to UpTown Charlotte after playing some corn hole and catching up
we bought tickets for a party bus to take us to the Lady Antebellum concert and then back to UpTown
after a few pre concert drinks we loaded up on the bus to make the trek to Concord for the show
the black light on the bus made for some fun colored pictures
 I think we can all agree Meghan and Ryan just need to get engaged already :) 
we aren't really huge fans of Lady A like Meghan is, but the show was really fun
minus the 16 year old girl blowing chunks after drinking too much Captain Morgan and PBR...
can't believe the Happy Meal is 25!
I am so lucky to have had these lovely ladies in my life for 12+ years 
and even though we all live in separate cities we still remain the best of friends

side note.
look at these pups mini horses...

thank goodness for only 2 days of work this week for me
we are going to Wilmington for a long weekend to celebrate Will and Julia finally tying the knot!!
I can hardly wait for the wedding, it had been a long time coming

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Work Flow

four on, one off, three on
I will never over schedule myself again
I remember complaining once about being bored on my days off...
yeah, missing those days now 
this paycheck better be worth all this over time haha

I had one day off, a gorgeous Monday of course, and this is how I spent it
came home to this after work. heart melted.
[Maverick is really not that dirty...blame the low light trying not to wake Jared]
then the beautiful sunny day was wasted on errands
but some were fun ones to do
went to the final fitting for the bridesmaids dress for Gwyn's wedding in May
thank goodness for iced coffee splurges to pull me through the day
is there a better dinner to be had? 
beers, chips & salsa and ridiculously big jalapeño cheese burgers
I love all this outdoor cooking/eating weather
my favorite

now back to work
my work wife brought me some homemade Indian food
yes is was amazing and so is she

yesterday may have been one of my favorite days at work in a long time
no nothing crazy or ridiculously gross happened
I got to give the best and most unexpected news to a patient
sometimes you need little reminders of why you love your job so much

happy Wednesday! 
looking forward to a whole weekend off 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hoppy Easter Weekend!

usually this holiday is spent with my family
however, working at a hospital and having all the other previous holidays off
it is my turn to work this weekend again
middle of my 4 day bender at work
since Jared had off Friday we went to the Greensboro Grasshoppers game for Thirsty Thursday
Jared was such a good sport
he grilled all the food and had to put up with a large group of nurses
not an easy task but I think the drinks helped with that
he's just so great
 the story behind the mustaches
the EMS guys are in a mustache competition with each other and are all growing these ridiculous ugly staches
we wanted to prove to them that MoCoHo ED nurses can do it way better than them
thank goodness, our favorite summer brews are out!
the Shiner Ruby Redbird is my personal go to with grapefruit flavor, so perfect on a hot night
 last night we thought we would try out the whiskey that Jared has been aging since January
the kit was part of his birthday present and he has been so good about not messing with it
but when he went to put some in the glass it was all gone!
seriously there was nothing left in the barrel
weirdest thing ever.
we are going to have to call the company and figure this out
because that thing was not cheap
hope y'all have a fabulous Easter 
think of me wiping butts while your eating yummy brunches and celebrating with family

Monday, April 14, 2014

Garden Party

this past weekend the pups and I spent four glorious days in Wilmington
the weather was absolutely perfect 
gotta love filters because even though the beach day was wonderful I am still just as pasty as ever
I took Beau and Maverick to walk the loop which was challenging but I think they loved it

historically last weekend is a big one in the books for Wilmington because it is the Azalea Festival
there are all kinds of parties, concerts, street fairs, and parades to celebrate a flower blooming
google it.
it is a little absurd but makes for a fun tradition
this is Caitlin and I in high school dressed as Azalea Belles
case and point about the ridiculous traditions of Wilmington
this year I did not get to attend any of the events that were part of the festival
but I did get to go to Julia's bridal shower
it was held by her soon to be sister in law
above are the gifts I got for the bride to be
my mom makes wine and I just took four bottles and hand wrote personal labels for her
the "gift bag" is dual purpose. it is a laundry-blanket-towel-beach-store-crap-where-ever-bag.
I stuffed it with a pizza stone, make your own pizza dough kit, and the wine of course! 
 Julia and I have been friends since the summer before starting college
even though she went to ECU and I went to State we remained close through mutual friends 
she started dating her soon to be husband, Will, just a few months after Jared and I did in 2008
it has been so fun to watch their relationship grow over the years
I can't wait for their wedding the first weekend of May
[I saw a picture of her in her wedding dress and starting crying. I will be a hot mess the day of]
I was so inspired by my mom's garden and all of the garden festivities of the weekend that we decided to start a garden of our own
my mom was so excited we were interested that she bought us all the essentials to get us started
[yeah, she is the best]
the people that lived here before us made planter boxes so we thought it would be a piece of cake to repurpose those babies for our garden adventure
thank goodness my mom let us borrow her tiller to break up all that over grown crap
first box has 5 different kinds of tomatoes
second box has peppers, spinach, and carrots
third box had watermelons, cucumbers and onions
Beau enjoyed helping show off the beautiful work we did
we had to fence around the boxes to make sure the two of them didn't go Godzilla on our plants
however, the fence proved to be no match for them since this morning I found two destroyed tomato plants and a half dug up box of dirt...
[I truly almost sobbed, but I also hadn't had my coffee yet.]
it has since been stabilized and and is now (hopefully) puppy proof
then we just have this adorable pot of basil sitting neatly on the kitchen window
[I would be very impressed if they could get to that and rip it to shreds]

today was back to "work"
it was one of our professional group days
basically we get together we other new grads/hires from the floor and ICU to complain about how our jobs can suck at times but we love what we do...
they call it "networking within the health system"
but really we get paid to eat out, gossip, vent and do things like this:
yeah, it is pretty awesome.
but now I have to work a crap ton of days in a row

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Love My Job.

really, I do.
most days. 
after three in a row this weekend with only one day off in between working another two in a row
opened up my eyes to a few things

it brought me back to the reason why I am doing this:
to help people when they are at their lowest
to touch lives 
to make people feel better 
to bring support
to share my compassion
to spread the love

my job is hard
you see people when they are at the absolute worst place in their lives
and somehow have to dig up ways to help them cope
for example
sometimes you have to go with a doctor to tell a patient they have cancer
not just any cancer, a cancer that is very hard to treat and will likely take the life of that patient very soon
it is truly heartbreaking at times

my job is very entertaining
in the emergency room I get to see a huge variety of patients
in one room I can have a patient on their death bed
while the room next door the patient's main compliant is dizzy after smoking pot
or when a patient requests to wear sunglasses so they can look cool while throwing up

at the end of the day I really love my job
even though it can be very difficult at times 
it is one of the most rewarding things in my life 
and I am lucky to work with such a fantastic group of people

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring. Sprang. Sprung.

hallelujah, SPRING!!!
you have finally decided to show your beautiful face
& I could not be happier
the colors of spring are just gorgeous and new blooming flowers make everyone happy
well, except for Jared
he is deathly allergic to pollen that comes with this season
bring on the stuffy nose, sneezes & red-swollen-tearfilled-itchy-glasseswearing time. joy.
that didn't stop me from filling the house with flowers snipped from our yard
with spring comes grilling time!
my absolute favorite way to cook
and with grilling comes porch drinking!
my absolute favorite way to enjoy a yummy cocktail
and with porch drinking comes puppy neglect around the grill and this happens...
Maverick covered in grease from trying to lick it up. 
[don't worry, he wasn't injured, he fully enjoyed himself]
white puppy fail.

spring also brings outdoor activities 
which mainly leads to drinking outdoors
like the Greensboro Grasshoppers game!
it was Thirsty Thursday when I went with a group of friends from work
 [$1 beers and ball park hotdogs, need I say more?]
not sure who won or even how baseball is played really
but we sure had fun
I love that I work with such a great group of people
I love them so much that I am spending all weekend working with them in the ED!
boo. because the weather is freaking gorgeous today. 
oh well, someone has got to save the people of Greensboro from themselves
[stubbed toes, paper-cuts, UTIs, and hangovers won't cure themselves...]

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Review

first things first
this is how my morning started:
this weekend I went to Raleigh for a bridal shower for Gwyn
she gets married May 9th and has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids
her longtime family friend threw the cutest shower for her
in Susan's words "I used the Pinterest to decorate."
too cute
Gwyn wore the veil that Susan's daughter wore in her wedding, way back in 1989, for the shower

after the shower it was time for some much needed catch up time with my girlfriends
and my fur-nieces of course
we started the night with drinks outside at cala vela
I just cannot get enough of those damn spicy pineapple margaritas
drool worthy
made with jalapeño simple syrup 
need I say more?
do yourself a favor and get one
we had dinner at Oak City Meatball Shoppe
seriously best balls I have ever eaten
[pun-intended. you must see their menu]
my recommendation: 
spicy pork balls with mushroom sauce and the mac&cheese 
heaven in your mouth
obviously, a moscow mule in an adorable copper mug is a must as well
we finished off the night with lots of dancing and running from the rain
such a fun weekend
sad it is over
I miss those lovely ladies already

on another note
I got this sweet email from my director last week
yes, I am "tooting my own horn." 
but, I work really hard and love taking care of my crazy ass patients
a thank you and hearing that you're do well is nice to hear every once and a while

really, I love my job.