Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hair Did

today I had a meeting with a new hairstylist
holy anxiety attack. 
I think I hate getting my haircut more than I hate trying on bathing suits 
which is why it has been over year and a half since a new hair cut and at least 2 years since a new suit 
yes, it is that bad. 

however, I think I have found a hairstylist match 
this girl finally listened to me 
and didn't cost an arm and a leg like the lady I saw to have my hair highlighted just before the wedding
which I absolutely loved but I could of bought 4 new bathing suits for what I spent on that dye job. 

I have had my hair professionally colored exactly three times in my entire life 
it scares the shit out of me every time
I mean, what if you hair comes out looking awful and you have to pay for it?! 
hello nightmare.

anyways, prepare yourself for an onslaught of selfies I took today 
before and afters of course 

looking like a rat ran all up in my hair 
so gross. 

necessary takes while channeling cable tv through my hair 

and after...
healthy, shiny, lighter color and clean :) 
it turned out a little more red than I would of liked 
but I have good faith it will lighten up even more
I love it so much and it feels so much better 
 just in time for a weekend with my favorite girlfriends in Raleigh! 

I saw Anna at Instinct Salon in Downtown Greensboro 
I love love love her and the salon was so adorable 
will be returning in 6-8weeks for a touch-up 
(that will be a first)

also, this just in 
dreams made. 
I will take a night out on the town with Queen B any day 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy 25th Birthday Caitlin!!!

happiest of birthdays
my wonderful, amazing, beautiful best friend, Caitlin Marie! 

[25?!? man we are getting old..can we go back to 15?]

these past 11 years of friendship have of course had their ups and downs 
but for the most part they have been pretty freaking fabulous 

I feel lucky to have a friend like Caitlin for so long 
she is more like a sister than anything 
I read this article the other day and it could not be more true about Caitlin and I
I know you hate this picture but I love it!
thank you for being supportive
thank you for laughing at me and calling me out on my shit 
thank you for hosting party after party for the wedding 
thank you for understanding me and my craziness 
thank you for standing next to me on our wedding day and being the best maid of honor ever
thank you for being my best friend
thank you for being you
I hope you have the best day ever 
I can't wait to celebrate with you all weekend
I love you! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014


oops. looks like blogging got away from me. 

I really need to find a more productive way to spend my days off instead of binge-watching episodes of Vampire Diaries and HGTV...
maybe next week I will be better. 

we have had lots to celebrate around these parts lately
mainly, we are just finding excuses to drink mass amounts of champagne
our newest addiction. 

last week we got nearly 10 inches of snow 
needless to say I was not happy about that situation
risked life and limb to get to work to save people's lives [ironic]
but we are celebrating the snow being GONE and welcoming this nearly 70 degree weather! 
praise the lord Spring is right around the corner 

Jared and I celebrated our 6th Valentine's Day together!
we had our first date nearly 6 years ago 
[day before Valentine's Day back in 2008 to be exact]
and this year we got to celebrate the first one as husband and wife 
words cannot express how much I truly love this man

we traveled to Raleigh last weekend to celebrate my sweet baby brother turning 21 (officially) 
he was born on Valentine's Day, but we all got together to celebrate on Saturday 
[yes his full name is Michael David Cupid]
we had a fabulous dinner in Durham at g2b gastro pub 
it was a little fancy for mine and Jared's taste but we found things we like 
hamburger and fries always win
after dinner we headed to downtown Raleigh for dancing and drinks 
we went to Neptunes first which is totally not our scene 
it was full of smelly, dirty, dancing, sweaty hippies--of course Michael loves this place 
after one drink there we quickly departed to Calavera, a tequila and empanada bar 
so good. 
speciality margaritas and tequila shots were the perfect ending to a wonderful birthday celebration
hard to believe my younger brother is 21 now...he seriously has grown up so fast 
I am so proud of the man he is becoming and feel lucky to have him as my little brother 
I mean, look at that handsome man. 

Maverick was fixed and had his dewclaws removed this week 
we are so happy the surgery went smoothly and he is recovering nicely 
he absolutely hates his cone he has to wear  
he runs into nearly everything in the house
he has knocked over the trashcan roughly 15 times...
Beau is also terrified of the cone too, he will not go near Maverick and runs away from him 
I can't wait for my baby to be all healed and cone-free! 

I have had a glorious three days off
doing nothing but relaxing, playing with the dogs, watching tv, drinking wine with co-workers
sadly, the fun must come to an end and I have to work this weekend. 
three days in a row.
when Jared has off.
but then we are headed back to Raleigh for a weekend of birthday fun 
celebrating my two very best friends, Caitlin and Layne, turning 25!