Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fletcher 3 Months

ok time, you can slow down now. How are we already through a quarter of a year with our sweet boy and already halfway through 2016?

This boy had a vary busy and fun third month of life! Learning lots and changing everyday before our eyes!
taken about 3 weeks apart to show those rolls and moobs really coming out.

Eating: still full time bottle and exclusively pumping. He went from taking 5oz to 6-7oz overnight around 2.5 months. He takes 8oz at night just before bedtime. Yes, this child loves to eat.
Sleeping: like a champ. He slept 8:30pm-7am regularly. There were the random mornings when his typical day was thrown off (family coming to town, growth spurt, etc.) when he would wake an hour or so early but never woke during the night. We still swaddle and rock him to sleep after his bedtime bottle. My heart just wasn't ready for the cry it out just yet. Plus he passed out within 5 minutes of being swaddled. There is nothing sweeter than rocking your baby to sleep in your arms. He rarely falls asleep on our chests anymore so when he does, I spend a lot of time studying all his features and watching him smile in his sleep.

Activity: still obsessed with the outdoors. If he is ever fussy, the second you walk outside he calms down. He has started to not hate his car seat as much and doesn't fight being buckled in. Bath time is his favorite time of day and loves to splash. He laughed for the first time this month. I finally caught it on video, in the bath of course. He figured out how to kick the legs of his activity mat and loves to watch the things move above him. Tummy time has turned into roll over time. Found his feet and really enjoys looking at them. Enjoys siting up in his bumbo seat to watch us eat dinner and hang out on the porch. He is getting better about not being held all the time. Loves to watch what is going on around him. Usually has a very inquisitive look on his face. Smiles all the time. Overall, he remains our very laid back chill happy baby boy.

Three Month Picture Recap:
 met Aunt Charli Kay for the first time! And danced a lot to inappropriate songs with her ;)
visited with Grandpa Charlie to learn all the Rice Man secrets 
spent three weeks with Grandma Sandy when mom returned to work full time and was forced to wear Aggie gear
 started to like tummy time a little more
celebrated Dad's first Father's Day! With the help of a very kind friend, we got him a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. For special occasion drinking only :) Watching Jared become a dad has been one of my favorite parts of these last 3 months. I always knew he would be a great dad to our son but I certainly underestimated him. They are equally obsessed with each other and it just melts my heart.
kept up the stank face but added some stunner shades
 twinned with my uncle James

got even cuter
 obsessed over feet and toes
redneck pool day with dad. loved it.

We love you more everyday. Watching you grow and change has been so much fun. Looking forward to a fun summer ahead with my two boys who are equally obsessed with the pool.