Friday, September 13, 2013

So Close!

I have been MIA from my blogging 
Mainly because I am about to explode with last minute lists and ideas for the wedding

Welcome to my wedding brain...

We have exactly 15 days until the big day!!!!!!

I am super excited but also a little stressed 
I think I'm stressed because I'm not stressing and I think I should be...
(If that makes any sense at all) 
I feel like I'm an abnormal bride. 

This wedding is really 5 years in the making
And while I don't want to wish it away 
I can't wait for mine and Jared's conversations to be about something non-wedding related for once
And it will be awesome when the wedding anxiety nightmares stop 
(So I guess I'm subconsciously stressed) 

I am just beyond ready to have all our loved ones in the same place for once 
We will have 9 different states represented at the wedding which I think is really neat! 

I bought Jared's gift this week and I am oh so giddy to see his face when he opens it
And I can't wait to read my vows to him 
(Which I still need to finish...)

But also time slow down a little so I can finish up all these last minute projects