Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Smith Wedding Weekend!

Warning: this post is full of pictures.
This weekend we went to Wilmington to celebrate the wedding of our two friends, Katie and Austin! 

I met Katie the summer before our junior year of high school when she moved to Wilmington. Austin and I met a little over a year later when Katie and I were seniors. Jared and Austin have been friends since their freshman year at NC State when they lived in the same dorm. Phew so knowing two people for nearly 8 years and seeing them tie the knot was absolutely amazing!  

It was a truly beautiful wedding. Katie was stunning and Austin did not stop smiling the whole day. Such a special event and so happy we were able to celebrate with them this whole weekend! 

Rehearsal Dinner 

The rehearsal dinner was at Bluewater Grill on Wrightsville Beach. The Smith family did an incredible job hosting the event and Mrs. Susan really out did herself decorating the space. The evening was a fantastic start to the weekend. 
How perfect is this table set up? 
Hillman giving his part time party time man speech
Hillman and Jared with the soon to be groom Austin
Sister of the groom, Michele 
After the rehearsal dinner we headed to Banks Channel to continue celebrating. So wonderful to catch up with friends that we haven't seen in a while.
Mrs. Paula Boddie
Sweet Virginia
Jared's Best Man, Chris Chinn, all the way from St. Louis 

Wedding Day

Katie and Austin were married at the Kenan Chapel in Landfall. This little chapel did not need much decorating because it was beautiful in itself. Perfect setting for an intimate ceremony.
The reception was at the Surf Club on Wrightsville Beach. This was my first time attending a wedding reception here and it was amazing. The details that went into this location were simple, clean, and thoughtful. 
A table set up with postcards so that guests could write their wishes for the new couple!
These will be sent to them after the wedding/when they return from the honeymoon
Too adorable!  
The gifts and cards table
Wouldn't be complete without their co-monogram.
In love! 
Maid of Honor (Blair Thomas) and Best Man (Kent Smith)! 
Introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Smith!!
First dance, Father-Daughter, and Mother-Son
Cutting the delicious and gorgeous cake!
I love that you can see both moms in the reflection
Getting the garter! 
Sparkler send off!
Katie and Austin left in a vintage Rolls-Royce

Post Wedding Festivities 

After the wedding a few of the guests traveled to Cameo 1900 in Lumina Station. Definitely a different scene then the usual beach bars we head to while in town. Still loads of fun to spend so much time with friends we don't see that often! 
The boys
The ladies
Two of my favorite men with my future hubby 
Love these gals so much! 
Typical shenanigans with Chinn
Got to wake up to this beautiful view on Sunday morning!
Just a perfect ending to an awesome weekend
The wedding weekend was total perfection if you asked me! We can't thank you enough Katie and Austin for including us in your special day! Hope you both enjoy a fabulous and relaxing honeymoon in Antigua :) 

As for us, we are still wedding planning in full force and still have much to do...
And as of Sunday we officially have...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Meghan!

Oh, where do I even begin with Miss Meghan? 
My family met Meghan's when we first moved to Wilmington when I was four. We later went on to play soccer together while we were growing up. She was one of those "year-round" kids and I went to private school so we didn't become really close until middle school when we could finally reconnect on the good old Noble Blacktop. 
People always used to joke about us in college because whenever we were together one of us lost our voice. We just got so excited to see each other that we had to yell everything to each other. She is like the sister I never had. 
Fun fact about Meghan: she could literally fall asleep anywhere. 
I actually could of made an entire post of just pictures of her sleeping that I have caught over the years. 

Meghan is a truly special person and anyone who has met her can attest to that. I am blessed to be able to call her one of my closest and best friends! 
I love you Sleepy Megz and hope you have a fabulous birthday! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Red, White, and BABY!

Well it is FAR too early for the J-man and I to be thinking about little tykes. But, I did start babysitting for the most adorable 3 month old baby girl Charlotte this week! I think this has had the opposite of "baby fever" on me. She is pretty freaking cute, but lets be real, I can only handle that for a certain amount of time... 

Before I started working with Charlotte I spent a wonderful weekend with my friends in Raleigh at the NC State Spring Football Game. Every time I go back to Raleigh I miss it even more. Maybe one day soon we will be back.

Here is the photo montage of the weekend and baby Charlotte... 

Friday we ate at Gonza Tacos y Tequila
This place is freaking amazing. Go try it! 


They are obsessed with each other...
Obligatory trip to our old stomping grounds.
Oh the memories...
I wore this really cool jacket while we had awkward converstations 
Churchills and far too many Jello shots...
I love y'all 

Cuteness Overload
ahhh baby falling asleep on your chest=heaven

I am done working/babysitting this week! And boy was it tough to get back in the game after about a month in a half of no school, no work, just sleeping in, wedding planning, and watching TV. 

We are headed to Wilmington this weekend for Katie and Austin's fabulous wedding!!! Super excited to see these two finally tie the knot! 

We will also being doing a tiny bit of wedding stuff ourselves, just going to see our amazing caterer about the menu, YUM! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week in a Blurb

So, since I haven't been up to much this is the past week (or so) in a quick little blurb.
Most of last week I spent lounging at the Rooftop Pool at the Nissen Building in Downtown Winston-Salem with Gwyn. The view is freaking amazing! Needless to say, my first few days in the sun cost me big time...I got burnt to a crisp, but it was totally worth it. 
This is a panorama of downtown at night from the rooftop. 
So amazing. 
I did do a few wedding things this week. 
I sent out all of our hand addressed (which took almost a week themselves) save the dates! 
I now understand how the post office is still in business; they are making money from all the people getting married. 
Sending these suckers cost about as much as printing our save the dates! UGH! 
Friday night I had a fantastic date night with this fella. 
We ate dinner out and went to see the movie 42 which is a must see! 
Saturday we hit up the Moose Cafe at the Farmer's Market in Greensboro for brunch where Jared made his infamous sandwich with his food and I pretended like diets didn't exist and I don't have a wedding dress to fit into... 
How can you say no to those amazing homemade southern biscuits and sweet tea from mason jars? 
Then, we hit up the Farmer's Market. 
This place just makes me happy. 
I don't know if its the ridiculously low priced vegetables or the smell of fresh flowers, but this is one of my favorite places to spend a morning. Not to mention everything is fresh and local so you actually know what you are buying. 
We stumbled upon these ladies making bouquets of wildflowers. I fell in love with these! We haven't picked a florist yet, but I now know exactly what I want! 
After the Farmer's Market we ventured to the mall where I proceeded to buy 4 new maxi dresses, Jared got two massages (one from Brookstone and the other from an Asian lady at a stand) and we hit the jackpot on candles for the house! 
Sunday, after church we went to our first Dash game of the season! Woohoo! We went to cheer on our friend, Kim, her sister and her mom sing the National Anthem for the game. They did amazing :) 
We got seats second row back behind first base. It was pretty cool even though I am not the biggest baseball fan (I enjoyed the food). 
Finished off Sunday with grocery shopping and making mine and Jared's lunches for the week. 
I am attempting to do "green monster smoothies" for the next few weeks because it is wedding and bathing suit season and time off of school has gotten the best of body. 
Finally, there was Monday. 
We grilled the most awesome kabobs and I took a spin class with Gwyn. 
My stomach was satisfied, but my legs are hating me. 

We are out of town for the next few weekends due to NC State Spring game, weddings, and Jared has a bachelor party to attend. Oh, I am so looking forward to getting out of this house. As for now, I have Pretty Little Liars on Netflix to keep me company...it is a strange and unwanted addiction, but oh so good.