Thursday, August 29, 2013

Football Season is HERE

food, beer, games, friends, fall 
does it get much better?

Mr. & Mrs. Wuf at Matt and Kelly's wedding
obviously I was completely star struck
[first & only picture with them since 4 years as a student and 2 as alumni]

I don't know what I get more excited about 
the football games 

probably the tailgates 

either way
I am super excited this weekend kicks off the season for NC State! 

friends of ours who have season tickets were married last weekend 
so they won't be at the game due to honeymooning 
by default Jared and I got their tickets

I put together a few of my favorite memories from passed years

beyond excited to head to Raleigh after work 
to spend time with friends, tailgate, 
and of course, watch some Wolfpack Football!! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Loss and Bliss

last night I lost my first patient 
it was also my:
first code 
first time doing CPR 
first time pushing code medications 
first time oxygenating a patient by bagging
but mostly, 
it was my first loss 

my co-workers were concerned for me 
but I was ok
I was at peace with the situation

last night totally confirmed that I am where I need to be 
I was born to be an emergency nurse 
and couldn't be happier about it 

I absolutely love my job and not many people can say that 

today I am blissfully happy 
because we are exactly one month from our wedding date 
the time has seriously flown 

we have a few things left to tie up and plan 
but mostly just payments to be made 

it feels good to be so close 
and surprisingly I am not as stressed as I thought I would be 

I have my dress and we have our rings 
really just the vows are left to nailed down
everything else is just details 

I can't wait to be Mrs. Rice forever :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend!

before I headed to Atlantic Beach for my bachelorette weekend 
I got to ride on the EMS truck 
it was a blast 
 Meghan's boyfriend, Ryan, graciously offered his family beach house to us for the weekend 
it was the perfect location for a wonderful time 
 how cute are those rainbow houses?
I only requested one thing for the bachelorette
penis straws. 
(because I think they are hilarious)
Meghan pulled out all the stops and made these adorable little kits for all us girls 
included: mini champagne, mini Advil, gum, 5hour energy shots, and penis straws! 
friday night we cooked at the house 
we had an amazing salmon and starch filled dinner to prepare our stomachs for the evening ahead 
 proof bachelorettes can both be cute and creepy 
my besties 
we met European boys 
who were fascinated with the bachelorette concept 
met a bachelor on his trip too 
obviously we needed to document that...
of course it was only nice the last day we were there 
so we got in some beach time finally 
then at at El's Drive-In on the way out of Atlantic Beach 
highly recommend this place for anyone visiting the area! 

things I learned from this trip:
a trip with your best friends filled with lots of "girl talk" is good for the soul 
not everyone understands what a bachelorette is 
bachelorette outfits can apparently be easily confused with Ms. America contestant outfits
a sash saying "bachelorette" and a crown with a veil will get you lots of drinks 
(and be the cause of a killer hangover...) 
I have the best girlfriends a girl could ask for 
(as if I haven't said that enough)

only 40 days until I am officially MRS RICE! 

Friday, August 9, 2013


life has become ridiculously busy 
and i love it 

the weekend before last we traveled to Ocracoke Island for the annual trip
with about 20 of our friends 
the amazing Boddie's hosted a wonderful weekend that continues to get better every year 
our friends Bunn and Paula Boddie hand made personal corn hole boards as an early wedding present 
I totally cried when they surprised us with them
just a casual 5 tent, 4 truck, 2 large speakers, full volleyball court set up on the beach
of course I forced a group picture
already excited for next year 

last weekend was my bridal shower 
I can't say enough how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful and supportive women 
love Love LOVE my amazingly gorgeous mom!!! 
just best friends for over 10 years 
the food spread that was all made by my MOH's sweet mom! 
playing shower games
and making me cry with sweet words 
all my favorite ladies :) 

after the bridal shower my bridesmaids, mom and I headed down to the bridal store
they all got to see my (actual) dress on me 
it was so fun showing them and I loved their reactions to me in the dress 

and as of today...
(the background picture is the first picture we took as a couple over 5 years ago...melts my little heart)
I am seriously so excited to call this man my husband 

we have all of the big things done for the wedding
now comes the fun part...paying for it. 
oy vey

this is the last weekend I will be in Winston for four weeks! 
coming up... 
bachelorette party 
grandparents arriving in Wilmington & dress fitting 
Labor Day weekend & first NC State football game