Thursday, May 22, 2014


lots of updates going on around the Rice house
with the weather changing it just makes me want to revamp everything in site

sadly, the weekend before last was the first Mother's Day spent without my momma
but we spent in a way she would love, strolling around the Farmer's Market all day
we started by getting Jared an omelet the size of a football from the Moose Cafe
then picked up some yummy veggies and fresh local meat
we are now addicted to this ground beef and sausage from a local butcher
she calls herself a crack lady since her meat is so addictive
I thought it was weird too, until I tried her meat. 
and got some mother's day flowers from my fur babies...kind of...
we topped off the day with a new comforter for our bedroom
there are many more updates that need to be done in this room

the other update has been my diet and exercise routines
this week a friend of a friend, Hannah at Someone Else's Skinny, has been hosting an "Eat Clean Train Mean 5 Day Challenge"
she gave us examples of meal plans and exercises to do daily
I have said goodbye to my elliptical and cross-trainer this week and I have never been worked so hard
the exercises make you sweat and your whole body will feel like Jello 
which apparently means you are doing it right...I am finding muscles I didn't have before

here are some pictures of my clean eating meals
egg white oatmeal, burrito bowl, and greek yogurt with mixed berries
I thought it was going to be a lot harder but meal prepping made it super easy
this is something I am sure I can stick with
and I feel so great that I don't want to give it up! 

it has been so rewarding, I am only 4 days in and already see results in my body!
perfect timing since we will be at the beach all weekend and with the honeymoon 2 weeks from today! 
can't. freaking. wait. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ballentine Wedding!

my head is still spinning from all the festivities over the last weeks

second wedding of the year: Mr and Mrs Ballentine!
the wedding events were on Thursday and Friday so not really a true wedding weekend
but it was awesome because it meant we still had Saturday and Sunday
I am a big fan of Friday weddings now!

thursday was the rehearsal 
the rehearsal dinner was held at Busy Bee Cafe in downtown Raleigh
such a fun little spot
 and I got to give multiple squeezes to one of my favorite people, Libby, who also photographed their wedding
she did a fabulous job, per usual.
love seeing my new name in print. still get butterflies.
Neil and Gwyn are moving to Iowa at the end of the month
a friend from the MBA program sent these hilarious gifts for them to open at the rehearsal dinner
yes, those are gigantic foam corn hats
Mr and Mrs Ballentine: official corn huskers
my aisle buddy all the way from Boston, can you believe this dude is a doctor?
then I made them do a "last kiss" picture at the end of the evening 
I personally think this picture turned out great
love the street lights and chaos in the background

friday came all too fast
it was the first wedding I had ever been in, minus ours of course 
so fun spending the day hanging out with girls and getting pampered
all the dresses were too gorgeous
their wedding was by far the prettiest one I have been to
all the details came together so well
literally looked like something right out of Pinterest
Jared was an usher and looked oh so spiffy!
bridal party
some of the maids with the blushing bride :)
Mr and Mrs Ballentine!!!
The Rices and The Ballentines! 
Congratulations Gwyn and Neil!!! 
Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special day
Iowa is lucky to be gaining y'all
love you both!

Landen Wedding Weekend!

well it has been awhile...
we have been so busy with weddings and traveling over the past 3 weeks
just haven't had a chance to catch up until now

first up: Landen Wedding!
Will and Julia were married in Wilmington, NC on May 3
ceremony was at Kenan Chapel in Landfall 
reception was at Hanover Seaside Club on Wrightsville Beach 
the weekend was perfect
could not of asked for better weather for their wedding weekend
Jared and I went down on Thursday after work so we could get a solid 3 days in at the beach 

thursday night a big portion of the wedding party and guests had already arrived
the large group went to dinner and then out for drinks
we turned a very reggae bar on Wrightsville into a pure-T honkey tonk
and we got to spend quality time with our Nebraska friend, Chris Chinn! 

friday we celebrated Julia at her bridal luncheon
held by her god mother, Julie, at Blockade Runner hotel
it was so picturesque and probably the fanciest lunch I have ever eaten
there were lobster sandwiches, need I say more?
after the luncheon Jared and I went shopping...
warning: shopping while under the influence of four one too many mimosas can be dangerous 
[bought two new pairs of costa del mar sunglasses & snacked on chips and salsa from K38]
the rest of the day was spent relaxing waiting for the rehearsal to finish so we could go out and celebrate more

saturday was filled with a few of my favorite things
[food, salt water, more food, wedding, and love]
we started with bagels and then went on the boat 
finally it was time to see Will and Julia tie the knot
the day was just too perfect for words
Julia looked like a Barbie bride 
yes, I cried like a baby

 this was the first wedding we have attended since our own
 and it was a wonderful one!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Landen! 
we love you both so much and are beyond happy for y'all 
thank you for being fabulous friends and allowing us to share your special day with you!

what better way to complete a wodnerful weekend? 
a membership to Costco of course 
yes, we are addicted