Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fun and Games

It's All Fun and Games Until...

You get the call for an interview and are released to take the NCLEX

Well folks,

Yesterday, within in 10 minutes of each other, I received a phone call to do a face-to-face interview for a job I would love to have and then received my authorization to take the NCLEX!?!?

I was super surprised about both and hope it is not an omen, but a good sign that they came to me on the same day...

I have decided to not tell very many people when I am taking the test (Kaplan Strategy) because it keeps the pressure off to pass the first time :)

I can say that I am taking it soon and really don't know if I am fully prepared, but then I wonder if I will ever be fully prepared for such a test...you know, one that decides whether I become a nurse or not...so I will stick to my study strategy and do the best that I can. More right than wrong is all I need ;)

Oh and keeping this plastered in my brain...

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