Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not Goodbye

This past weekend we had to say goodbye to a very dear friend, Josh. He moved back to Georgia to live at home while he searches for a job :(

Josh and I met this past year while attending the same accelerated nursing program together. Who knows why Josh picked the seat next to Elizabeth and I on that first day of class, but I am sure glad he did. The three of us became fast friends and it was this time last year, in our first clinical rotation together, that we started our infamous group chat.

Josh is one of those friends you can count on for anything. Who else would drive to South Carolina to take the NCLEX, drive back to Winston-Salem to pick up Elizabeth, to turn around and drive to Wilmington to surprise Jared and I at our engagement party, all within a three day span? Not many.

So, this is not goodbye, it is see yah later. If not, we always have group chat. And now your futon...
Josh's parting gift to me and Jared.
The most comfortable thing I have ever sat on. 

We finally registered for our wedding. 

The one thing I learned from this experience (after 4.5 hours in Bed, Bath, and Beyond) if in doubt, scan it. Oh, and did we scan.

We only have hit one store. Still have two more to do...
He loved it!
I don't know if this or the cake/food tasting is more exciting.
We also celebrated Easter! 

My mom, brothers, Jared and I went to Green Valley Grill in Greensboro, NC for our Easter Brunch. Mom and Michael made a special trip up just for brunch and shopping! It is always so wonderful to see family. The food was amazing as well :) 
Happy April too! 

This month marks the beginning of wedding season for us! Things start to get very busy after this weekend...

Let the games (and full-force wedding planning) begin! 

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