Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Loss and Bliss

last night I lost my first patient 
it was also my:
first code 
first time doing CPR 
first time pushing code medications 
first time oxygenating a patient by bagging
but mostly, 
it was my first loss 

my co-workers were concerned for me 
but I was ok
I was at peace with the situation

last night totally confirmed that I am where I need to be 
I was born to be an emergency nurse 
and couldn't be happier about it 

I absolutely love my job and not many people can say that 

today I am blissfully happy 
because we are exactly one month from our wedding date 
the time has seriously flown 

we have a few things left to tie up and plan 
but mostly just payments to be made 

it feels good to be so close 
and surprisingly I am not as stressed as I thought I would be 

I have my dress and we have our rings 
really just the vows are left to nailed down
everything else is just details 

I can't wait to be Mrs. Rice forever :)

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