Friday, January 10, 2014

Big Thirteen in 2013

Happy One Year to this little blog! 
so much has happened in a year and I can't believe I have (somewhat) kept up blogging 

here are the top thirteen things that happened in the whirlwind year of 2013...

1. Graduated Nursing School in 13 Months

it was pure torture but totally worth it

2. Passed the NCLEX the First Time 

it took me 75 questions 
apparently I am competent enough to not kill a human according to this test

3. Celebrated Our Five Year Anniversary

not much to say 
Jared has made the happiest person in world for the past 5 years 
I can't wait for many more with him

4. First Big Girl Job Offer 

I will never forget that call
I was at Gwyn's apartment watching NC State Basketball in the Playoffs 
I told the lady on the phone I was doing a happy dance and crying at the same time

5. Celebrated Weddings 

we attended many close friends weddings in 2013 
so happy for all our lovely friends 
Katie&Austin (April)
Todd&Ashton (May)
Matt&Kelly (May) 

6. Mom Became Nurse Executive 

my mother is an amazing lady and has worked her butt off to get where she is 
she has her masters and is a nurse executive 
and is damn good at her job 
she is an inspiration

7. Started My Job in the Emergency Department

going into nursing I knew this is where I wanted to work 
my mom was a trauma nurse when she first started and I wanted to do just that 
I have been working there 6 months now and everyday is different
it was hard at first because you see so much pain on a daily basis
but, I love my job and wouldn't trade my experiences

8. Bachelorette Trip

so much fun! 
I had the best 3 day weekend with my 3 best friends 
memories I will never forget


ok, so obviously this was the biggest (and best) thing that happened in 2013 
I loved everything about our wedding 
(especially the week before with family and friends) 
but, I am happy to have the planning behind us and now we are just enjoying being married!

10. We Moved 

I will never forget our time in Winston 
in that old, nasty, buggy, gross house 
it was our first home together 
but, boy am I glad to be in a bigger (and much nicer) house

11. Hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas Party

oh yes 
any excuse for a get together with family, friends, food and alcohol

12. Added a New Fur Baby 

Maverick is amazing and Beau loves him 
he fits into our little family so well 
having a puppy again was a struggle at first but I am so glad we made the choice to adopt him

13. Charli Kay Got Engaged! 

we traveled to Texas for Christmas with the Rice Family 
Reed proposed to Charli Kay on Christmas Eve in the pasture behind her parents house 
I have never witnessed another proposal, but this was the sweetest thing ever to see 
I was so happy to be there, be a part of it and celebrate with my sister in law and family

this year felt like it flew by and I am so glad I have this blog to look back on
hopefully, I will be able to keep it going in 2014
Happy (belated) New Year
heres to having just as awesome 2014
[even though I turn the dreaded 25]

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