Tuesday, March 1, 2016

31-35 weeks

Wow, it has been awhile. These past 6 weeks have literally flown by. I can't believe I am in my last month!

The time has been filled with nursery and master bedroom renovations, baby showers galore, lots of organization, and eating (of course)! Nesting is certainly in full effect (even though Jared claims I was nesting well before actually pregnant).

31-32 weeks:
Slowly but surely getting bigger here.

These weeks were jam-packed with home updates! We put all new laminate hardwood flooring upstairs which means, no more carpet (thank goodness)! All three bedrooms feel like totally new spaces. We knew we were going to redo the nursery, but the master bedroom facelift was a bit of a surprise. Once the floors started to go down I knew I wouldn't be happy with the horrible vomit-beige-brown colored walls for much longer. So it started with paint and then progressed to new bedding..a painted dresser and side tables...new curtains...and mounting the TV on the wall. I am so happy with the outcome and will be so thankful for this space where Jared and I can hopefully retreat.
before, you can kind of see the horrible carpet and paint color

after, I picked a color totally out of my comfort zone, sea salt, and I love it!
Aside from being sore from helping managing the floor laying and painting, I felt great. Some back pain from sitting at my desk too long. Still loving to eat and enjoying my sweets. Baby boy moves all the time and I love it. Trying to walk regularly and using my pregnant Pilates DVD, which I am sure is getting more entertaining to watch as I get bigger.

33 weeks:
The excitement of baby's first shower threw me off and didn't take a proper belly picture.

This week my long time best friends, Caitlin and Meghan, threw me and baby boy the sweetest shower! Friends and family from near and far came to celebrate with us. I can't believe how much love everyone has for someone they haven't even met yet. The theme matched his nursery, woodland, and was just too cute for words! Of course my baby brain was in full swing and I forgot to take pictures of the set up.
The girls had everyone fill out a card of questions and leave some thoughts for Baby Rice. I can't wait to show these to him when he is older. It was especially fun to hear everyone try to guess his name. Yes, Jared and I are still the only ones who know what his title will be :)
I am so thankful to be bringing this boy into such a loving family and friend group. We were spoiled beyond words and can't thank everyone enough for all their generosity!
This week my sweet co-worker found out she is having a little boy too! She is due July 22 :)

34-35 weeks:
oh yeah, the belly grows.

I dubbed week 34 "the week of showers" because we had three in one week. First, we had Jared's work shower with his team. Everyone was so sweet, gave some great advice and baby boy stocked up on some fun toys. Then it was my work shower where my team was seriously far too generous, meaning they basically bought everything remaining on our registries. Finally, we drove to Wilmington for a quick trip to see the people that couldn't make it to the Raleigh shower. Again, so many people love this little boy and it is incredible to me. We feel so loved and supported!
Baby boy has been enjoying kicking me in the ribs, nesting himself under my breast bone so I can barely breathe, and pushing down on my bladder these weeks. I officially have the full on pregnancy waddle and feel like a big mama duck. Found out at my 34 week check up that I have officially gained 45 pounds total, so that was fun. But, the doctor doesn't seem worried, my blood pressure is still normal and I am measuring on track belly-wise. I was able to coax her into feeling baby's position and guessing his size. She said he is head down and about 5 pounds! Woohoo!

Swelling struck in the middle of week 35. I was told by the husband I am no longer allowed to wear my wedding bands because he does not want them to be cut off me. I guess I understand that. I couldn't stand having a bare hand so I went to Target and got a fake one :) How attractive are these cankles? (disregard the state of my toes, I can reach to paint them)
I am most looking forward to our 36 week check up this week. I hear a lot of fun things happen, like checking for dilation which I also heard feels amazing (sarcasm of course). Can't wait to find out where exactly they think he is positioned and how big he is! Also, looking forward to finishing the nursery this weekend and sharing the updates! This is the current state:

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