Monday, June 24, 2013

Stock the Bar!

this weekend my lovely bridesmaids hosted a "Stock the Bar" shower in mine and Jared's honor
this was our first official wedding shower 

for those that don't know
a shower like this is to provide gifts to "stock the bar" of the bride and groom to be 
usually people bring an alcohol that the couple enjoys 
(we got tons of wine and bourbon) 
but also to bring bar related accessories like glasses or a bar tool set 
(we received both with our new co-monogram!) 
basically it is a good excuse to get friends together to celebrate with good food and drinks :) 

my bridesmaids (and my MOH's mom) out did themselves on this event
we had such a wonderful time with our really close family and friends

here is a picture montage of the nights events 
the wine bottles in the top right were hand painted by one of my bridesmaids, Layne! 
they will definitely be used for later wedding festivities 
bride and groom to be (eep)
with the wonderful hostesses and worlds best bridesmaids 
just missing Miss Charli Kay! 
the groom with some of his handsome groomsmen 
and Will in the middle, not groomsman, but off to Costa Rica for 6 weeks to work for Chiquita 
looks like a Vineyard Vines advertisement 
photo opps with two bridesmaids and my sweet bestie from nursing school 
with the two sets of newlyweds 
gifts galore! 
so blessed to have such great friends 
then we took a party bus to the bar 
did some karaoke on the ride there 
K-Ci and JoJo was a must-play for the night 
my awesome brothers
sad we didn't do our totem pose
with the only four men I need in my life
James of course had to photobomb the picture with the MOH
Kim, that mini sombrero is too much 
maid of honor, best friend, other half, partner in crime, sister...
thank you for everything this weekend and for making this time in my life so special

Jared and I are so truly grateful for the friends that came out to support and celebrate us 
we can't thank you enough for the memories and new additions to our bar 

now I am back in Wilmington for two more weeks of straight wedding planning 
(and beach days)

my mom has dedicated a room in her house to only wedding things 
if that tells you anything about how serious we are getting 

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