Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gym Curls

ok, so this post is actually about two totally different things
I thought the title was witty... 

Jared and I joined a gym! 
we I have been wanting to get in better shape for awhile now 
I definitely did not watch my weight before the wedding 
because I wanted to look like "me" and not some cracked out, starving, crazy, will never look like that in a million years again, version of myself
but since we recently booked our honeymoon,
the "I don't care what I stuff my face with, without working out" mentality, doesn't really work
especially considering I will be mass documenting and will live in a bathing suit the five days we are there...
if that sucker doesn't give you motivation to join a gym, I don't know what does... 

we decided on the YMCA
mainly because I get a discount, it is close to work and home for both of us, they have pools and a crazy amount of classes for us to do! 
we already did our first class the night we signed up, Spin Class! 
which is a favorite of mine 
I think Jared thought he was in hell for 45 minutes with a middle aged blonde screaming "time for the uphill, pedal faster!!!" at him.
then Jared found the machine that makes him feel like Frank Underwood from House of Cards 

hopefully we can keep up the gym-ing!
[if not there is always wine to drown out the image of thunder thighs]

on another note

I hopped on the bandwagon and bought a curling wand today
I have hesitated buying one for a long time because I thought, why waste the money when my hair won't even hold a curl 
hello, my prayers have been answered with this wand
it was so easy to use and you seriously can't beat the price
and my hair has stayed curly for over 7 hours + a workout
this is worth the money
[again, sorry for the selfies...they are necessary with hair posts]
the right is before the gym [and teasing and tossing and turning and cleaning house] and the left is after
it is freaking amazing! 
I am going to have to practice with it a few more times to achieve the look I want
but overall I am really excited with how it turned out
many thanks to youtube videos or else I would of looked more of a hot-mess and probably burnt my fingers off 


  1. Love your looks so good! Maybe I should break down and buy one too. What brand/kind did you buy?

    1. Thank Aly! I was really surprised that my uncoordinated self could do this!! I bought the Conair Infiniti because it had the best reviews and I bought the 1-1/2" because my hair is thin :) there are literally thousand of YouTube videos to help walk you through the process and get different looks!

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